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The significant roles of models in the demand and supply chain of products and services in any society cannot be over emphasized. They play a major part in the promotion and advertisement of brands across board. I am of the opinion that they are arguably one of the unsung heroes when a brand becomes successful. Whether it’s runway, glamour, fitness, bikini, promotional or commercial print modeling, models are one of the major influencers that attract target audiences.

In today’s music industry dominated by hip-hop, the influence of hip-hop models and video vixens is enormous. It does not matter if morally you concur to the profession or not, the fact remains, as long as sex sells and hip-hop music continues to be prominent, video vixens will continue to be in demand; like the saying, ‘Don’t hate the player, hate the game’. Models and video vixens are shaping our opinions on a daily basis beyond comprehension. They make products appealing to us to buy and they are the perfect expression of art that makes music videos interesting to watch. This vibrant industry has recorded several successes as well as experienced yet to be surmounted hurdles. This is the story on how models and music video vixens are surviving in an industry that underpays; the temptation to hold on or give up. Get to hear from some of the prominent models and video vixens.

This edition also serves as a look book for some of the hard working models and music video vixens in Nigeria.

Cover photography by Trans4maz studios @trans4masfotography

Model- Aisha Ahmed Ibrahim (G&G Model Management)

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