Accelerate TV: The Voice Nigeria Winner ”A’rese” Slays On New Episode Of The Cover

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Keeping you entertained and in the loop of the latest happenings, Accelerate features The Voice Nigeria Winner “Arese” on the new episode of “The Cover”.

The Cover is a monthly feature produced by Accelerate’s Fashion Team; led by Designer, Celebrity Stylist and creative Director Tokyo James, and it revolves around the young people in the industry making an impact and contributing to pop-culture.

Fresh off the voice, Arese explores her fashion sense and shares her thoughts on the correlation between Fashion and Music. “There’s a lot of synergy between fashion and music, you’ll find that there are a lot of artistes who you can practically define their style of music by the way they dress.” She says.

Head of Fashion at Accelerate, Tokyo James, commented “ Accelerate has a deep understanding of the new narrative of fashion in Africa, and with a project like ‘The Cover’ we can give our own perspective for people to better appreciate the contribution of these individuals to the industry.”

Go behind the scenes of the photo-shoot style by Tokyo James and watch the making a star. Click here to watch Arese on the cover and here to see what else you’ve missed on Accelerate

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