Jude Idada Accuses Omoni Oboli of Stealing his Script for “Okafor’s Law” (Documents, Contracts & Scripts)

Jude Idada, Canada-based Nigerian film-maker has alleged that Omoni Oboli stole his script for her new film, “Okafor’s Law”.

Jude backed his allegation with proves of documents which consist of written agreement, copyright and scripts as made awailable to TNS,NG.

According to Jude Idada, despite a written agreement, Oboli went ahead to produce the film using a large chunk of the content of his script without paying him or affording him any form of credit. Idada also claimed that Oboli used the 50 scenes he wrote for her in what she eventually did with her 2014 film, Being Mrs Elliot.

TNS has also obtained copies of Jude Idada’s Okafor’s Law intellectual property registration receipt and the contract agreement between him and Omoni Oboli.

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Intellectual Property Registration Receipt

Intellectual Property Registration Receipt


Contract - Page 1

Contract – Page 1


Contract - Page 2

Contract – Page 2



Contract Page 3

Contract – Page 3


Contract Page 4

Contract – Page 4


Also, below are copies of Jude’s first draft for Okafor’s Law, Omoni’s version and the highlighted similarities between both.

Okafor’s Law – Jude Idada’s First Draft

Okafor’s Law – Omoni Oboli’s Version

Similarities Between Jude’s Version & Omoni’s Version (Okafor’s Law)

According to Jude, he told Oboli, her husband Nnamdi and her PA the story at her house but they had insisted that they would want the church girl to be the one that SOJ/Terminator falls in love with, because they wanted to pass a moral message of the good girl getting the guy and God standing in the gap to protect her. Jude had said it was no problem but he had decided not to go that route as he wrote, hence the change to Tonye getting SOJ and then giving him a slap on the face at the end. Jude believes that they stuck to it as they stayed to the story he had told them.

Omoni Oboli who is currently in Toronto, Canada for the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) where Okafor’s Law is set to make its world premiere is yet to respond to TNS‘ phone calls, email and messages. Her PR representatives are also yet to respond to these allegations.

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