Failures you should experience to succeed

Everybody wants to know the secret to being successful in life. Whether it be in your career or personal life, we all want it all. The real question is: How do we get it?

The only other factor is you have to be mindful enough to fail at the right things. There are certain failures in life necessary for the fruition of success. Without them, you would be missing a piece of the puzzle.

Then, of course, there are failures that can be entirely avoided including any and every repeated failure. Failing multiple times is not only allowed, it’s praised.

But you should be sure to fail differently each time you fail. Here are some failures you need to experience in order to succeed in life:

A failed serious relationship

If I had to pick a single moment in my life that had the greatest influence on the person I am today, it was the failure of a relationship.

Not only because it was with a woman I loved more than any before or after but because I was the one who messed it up.

Relationships fail all the time, most of the time it isn’t our fault. You would never appreciate a meaningful relationship the way you ought to appreciate it, however, until you manage to mess up a great one.

It is easier to brush yourself off and move on with your life when the other person was clearly to blame. When you only have yourself to blame though, you learn lessons that stick with you. And this requires admitting you were the one who messed things up.

A failed friendship

It takes time to understand and appreciate the relationships you have with different people in your life. It is not just the romantic ones that teach you important life lessons, but also the relationships you have with your friends.

Just like there are toxic romantic relationships, there are also toxic friendships. Once you experience a falling-out with a friend, you understand yourself a little bit better and the life you hope to lead.

It is most often the company we keep that determines the life we live.

A failed career choice

I have never met or heard of a single individual who figured it out the first time. If you are going to find your passion in life, you are going to have to spend a whole lot of time figuring out all the things that aren’t a right fit.

It is usually less about figuring out what you would like to do and more about what the world has to offer and what you can add to it.

A failed “healthy” bank account

If you have never been broke in your life, you would never understand the importance of money. It just isn’t possible. You can understand it conceptually, but you would never know how it feels to figure out how to score a free meal.

Being broke at one point of your life or another gives you an appreciation for money, it gives you an appreciation for how little you need to get by.Most people are wasteful. They over indulge and live their lives inefficiently. Even worse, such individuals never have an appreciation for the simple things in life.

They are always trying to throw money at happiness but never manage to figure out you can’t buy happiness.



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