Once in a while whenever I feel the need to upgrade my wardrobe I usually like to write out new items that I’d love to buy and make sure I stick to the list just so I don’t over spend when I get to the store. On one of those occasions as I was listing out some of the things I wanted, I got an idea of making an overcoat with Ankara. I quickly made a sketch of how I wanted it to look like and took it to my tailor (Mommy Funmi). Some weeks later mommy funmi was done with it and it was really amazing.

Did I mention that this happened in 2014? In the month of march to be precise. I can’t possibly forget the date because I really loved my Ankara overcoat. – Now let’s get Into the real gist.

I couldn’t wait to rock the coat because it was really cute but at the same time, i had to be patient because I wanted to wear it to a big event so more people can see it and admire it. *Lol Pride* so as God may have it, I was invited for a very big ceremony wedding ceremony *Yessssss!!!!!

On the day of the wedding, I woke as early as 6am. *Can somebody please ask me why I woke up that early? Lol excitement of course. It was not my sisters wedding, it wasn’t my brothers wedding in fact I don’t know the Bride or the Groom but I know their brother sha. Lol I just couldn’t wait to rock my coat.

So I finally wore it *phewww* i felt like a million bucks. In my mind I started thinking of the pictures I will snap when I get to the venue of the wedding I remember one of the statement I made was; ‘Chai this people go know say Okpala don show’.Vheektor Okpala-OverCoat 2

Back to the matter – My friend was going to pick me up from my house because I really didn’t want to enter okada with my fine coat. So after a while, the fish finally came. I’ll tell you why I called him a Fish.

Immediately he saw me, he started laughing. He laughed so hard that I became confused and upset. Then the fish said; ‘ Oboy which kind mafia suit be this? You be Gentle Jack?…. I felt an instant cold. He was the first person that saw me wearing my Ankara coat and he didn’t say anything nice about it. I felt really bad.
To cut the long story short, I took off my coat and hung it at the extreme of my wardrobe and stayed back home.

I didn’t have the guts to go out with my coat because of somebody’s opinion. I was too afraid to take the risk and I regret not going out with my coat that day because 2 years later I see a lot of people rocking Ankara coats and I’m like wait o is this not the coat I was ashamed of wearing 2 years ago? Maybe if I had worn that coat that day, I probably would be receiving the Glory as one of the people that ignited the Ankara Coat Trend. So I guess it’s No Guts, No Glory.

It is the same Ankara Overcoat I’m wearing in these pictures. The same one mommy funmi made 2years ago.

I know this story sounds funny, but what if it was more than an Ankara coat. What if it was an idea that would have changed my life? I could have missed out simply because I was avoiding being bad-mouthed. Please guys, I beg you if you have an idea, no matter how weird it may seem, JUST DO IT. Don’t be ashamed of your Ideas.

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