Categories of People You Should Have in Your Life to Attain Success

In this era of “change” where everyone is complaining about the situation of things in the country, it is easy to find yourself surrounded by negative people who don’t say any positive words nor deflect positive vibes. You have to get rid of such people ASAP. This might not be easy, but it is necessary if you want to succeed in life. Who exactly are the kinds of people you need in your life in order to succeed?

  1. The Leader

You need someone who always encourages you to leave your comfort zone. She pushes you to do more, work harder and smarter, and find new ways of doing things. She challenges you always. She is bold and always ready to take charge, leading you along the way. She is like a rock – always dependable, and she always make you feel adequate and confident in your abilities. You want to succeed in life? Hold on to her.

  1. The One Who Forces You to Think About Your Life

Yes, deep thinking is often very difficult, what with the hustle and bustle of everyday living, coupled with the internal ramblings always going on in your head. Sometimes we don’t want to take stock of our lives, because of what it we would find, but it is absolutely necessary for us to do this from time to time, so as to know our level of progress and where we have retrogressed and need to work on. Are there people in your life who ask you these seemingly simple yet difficult questions about your life and decisions that make you think? Keep them close. Those questions would help you go a long way.

Categories of People You Should Have in Your Life to Attain Success (FB & Twitter)

  1. The Listener

You need this person like you need air. He/she is IMPORTANT. When you have issues weighing on your mind, who do you turn to? Your best friend who is always up and about, or the one who sits with you and listens to you? Is there this one person who is always ready to stay you and act as a sounding board for your emotions when you need it? Hold on to the person. He/she doesn’t criticise you, talk over you, nor play with their phones or system while you talk. No, they give you undivided attention, making you feel valued. Hold on to such a person dearly. No man is an island.

  1. The Happy-go-lucky one

Is there that one friend of yours who, when you are around her, there is never a dull moment? She is a positive ball of energy, always radiating joy and positive vibes. Hold on to her; don’t let her go. Most times, you might wonder where all the energy comes from. It is just the way people like that are. While most are not foolish, they make you feel good, and dispel negativity with their presence which is good for you and your success.

Do you agree with this list? Are there other categories of people you think are important in helping one attain success in life? Please share in the comments section.


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