MTN PROJECT FAME WEST AFRICA WEEK 5 – Falz “The Bahd Guy” Disrupts Project Fame.


It has been a wonderful journey and experience to watch the contestants at the Project Fame Academy grow and nurture their voices. We are halfway on the journey to find out who would be the lucky person to win the grand prize and get a recording deal courtesy MTN Nigeria.


In the studio, was a guest appearance of Benjamin who was a contestant on the ongoing Project Fame Season 9. To kick start the show, the contestants gave a wonder medley of songs such as “This Way” By Dilated People, Bee Gees “Staying Alive” and Survivor “Eye Of The Tiger”.

After an impressive show from the contestants, it was time to find out the contestants that were on the bottom list, the contestants were called out in batches of which the lowest contestants among each batch were revealed. The first batch of contestants to come out were Yusuph, Winner, Pere, Mirabel, Elizabeth and Steve. Yusuph was clearly praying as we waited for the Co-host Bolanle Olukanni to call out who had the lowest votes amongst them. Winner and Steve were the ones with the lowest vote and Steve took the news with rather a look of surprise on his face.

The next batch of contestants were Eli, Oluchi, Dapo, Kitey, Gabriel and Okiemute, and the contestants with the lowest votes were Oluchi, Dapo and Gabriel.

All Contestants with the lowest votes had to perform one more time to save themselves, the first contestant was Winner singing “The First Cut Is The Deepest” By Shirley Crow. It was an emotional and powerful performance as she clearly had tears on her eyes from crying backstage.


Steve was next with the song “Numb” By Linkin Park, shaky performance and repeated floor slides. His last performance was better and it could only be attributed to the fact that he was shaken at the possibilities of him going home.

Dapo was next with “Right Here Waiting” By Richard Max, he sounded stressed at the beginning but it was a brilliant at the long run.

Gabriel sang “Amazed” By Lonestar, it was in general an excellent performance.

Oluchi was the last to perform with the song “Happy Ending” By Avril Lavigne and she lost her voice at some as she stressed her voice and it sounded shaky. The judges barely watched as they dialogued on who to save as everyone sang below average because they were tensed.

It was now time to for the judges to save one of the contestants, before they called who they were saving, they reminded them all that it was a tough decision to make as everyone has improved vocally and now choices were to be made on who has the edge.

The judges saved Winner, who burst out in tears as she heard her name while the faculty saved, Dapo who literally fell to the ground in thanks. The rest of the contestants were left in the hands of their counterparts who had the highest vote count. The contestants saved Oluchi with five votes against Gabriel who has two votes and Steve who had no votes.

It was indeed sad to see Gabriel and Steve leave but as a competition, the show definitely has to go on and eviction is inevitable.

Steve and Gabriel gave us one last show individually with “Emergency” By D’banj which was delivered by Steve and Gabriel with a warm vibe from his town “Ahomka Wo Mu” By VIP.

We look forward to the next show and we plead that West Africa votes right and not follow the hype.





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