Buckwylla, Evelle Get New Record Deal With ACI Records

The winner of the 2014 edition of Nigerian Idol, Evelle and talented Nigerian artiste, Buckwylla has been signed by the record label arm of burgeoning entertainment company, ACI Records as the first two recording artistes on the label.

The company which is a subsidiary of ACI Entertainment is patterned after international entertainment and recording companies with facilities that will help raise the bar in the delivery of entertainment services in Nigeria and further inspire the creative industry.

The two acts who were recently unveiled at the official launch of the company are not new entrants in the Nigerian music industry. While Evelle, who won the fourth edition of the Nigerian Idol reality show has been up and doing with her career, Buckwylla has released several songs and done major collaborations in the past with the likes of Olamide, Cartiar, among others.

Speaking during the launch, the CEO of the company, Mr. Wole Adeniyi said the fundamental philosophy behind the creation of the company was to provide a breeding ground for the best professionals in music and film technology. “I’m so honored to be able to speak to you today about what we have accomplished here. To create this entertainment destination is a dream come true for all of us.

Our mission is to empower the creative minds in the continent of Africa but to achieve these ends, we need more than philosophy. We need a training ground; we need facilities, equipment and then, a platform. Our hope is that ACI will provide that platform for our entertainment community”.

Speaking on the choice of the two new artistes, the COO of the company, Mr. Ikechukwu Onuorah said the two artistes are full of talents and they believe they can further help develop their talents and put them on the international stage. “We have been silently working with two extremely talented & creative recording artistes and would like to take this opportunity to introduce them to you all. Some of you might know them as they have made some noise in the industry in the past. The first is the Queen of ACI Records, former winner of Nigerian Idol 2014, the beautiful Evelle and the second artist is a man with a big voice, Buckwylla”.

Some of the facilities of the company open to the public include state of the art recording studios (both analogue & digital) kitted with hardware & software that can be found in any world class professional recording studio, a first class live & rehearsal room fully sound proofed & lined with wall-end to wall-end ceiling high mirrors, live event stage & equipment rental, music business & production training, among others.

ACI CEO- Mr. Wole Adeniyi

ACI CEO, Mr. Wole Adeniyi

Evelle   Buckwylla

ACI Artistes, Evelle and Buckwylla

A director of the company  Mr. Goke Adeniyi  CEO-Mr. Wole Adeniyi and the COO- Mr. Ikechukwu Onuorah

ACI Director- Mr. Goke Adeniyi, CEO- Mr. Wole Adeniyi and the COO-Mr. Ikechukwu Onuorah

Evelle ..


CEO-Wole Adeniyi  Evelle and the COO

ACI CEO, Wole Adeniyi, Evelle and ACI COO- Ikechukwu Onuorah



L-R  Tony Okoye  Wole Adeniyi  Seun Apara  Wande Adeniyi  a guest and iKEchukwu Onuorah at the launch

Tony Okoye, ACI CEO- Wole Adeniyi, Seun Apara, Wande Adeniyi, a guest and Ikechukwu Onuorah

Buckwylla  ACI CEO-Wole Adeniyi  Evelle  ACI Director-Mr. Goke Adeniyi and ACI COO- Mr. iKechukwu Onuorah
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