Cway Water’s Cover-up In The Investigation Of Their Sealed Frog-Contaminated Water Bottle

CWay Water Drinking Science and Tech, a subsidiary of CWAY Group, multinational company specialized in the production and wholesale supply of the treated water, water dispensers, soft drinks, food and beverages in Nigeria and other parts of the world, has embarked on one cover-up too many and needs to be exposed. This fledging multinational enjoys the patronage of the Nigerian public, so it should answer to Nigerians if complaints against food safety come up. When a company of CWay magnitude fails to meet international health standards, Nigerians are consuming unsafe products and somebody needs to be accountable. A breach in health standards in the distribution of CWay products is harmful to general well-being of the Nigerian public.

A Nigerian customer earlier last month of July 2016 made his regular purchase of sealed CWay Water bottles and to his utter disgust found a frog in one of the sealed Cway Water bottles. What followed his complaint was not only shameful, it was most alarming. Instead of calling for a recall of the batch of contaminated Cway Water bottles from the company’s vendors and investigating how the product and how health standards got breached, CWay Water officials embarked on a cover-up mission.


Instead of offering an explanation, CWay Water Drinking Sciences and Tech officials offered a customer who is concerned about public food and health safety a compensation of free water dispensers and later free bottles of water to cover-up investigating how a dead frog got in a sealed CWay water bottle. Is it too much stress for CWay Water to ensure the safety of the Nigerian public? Is a cover-up the right thing to do when Nigerians discover and complain about standards harmful to their health in general? It is worrisome CWay Water tried to bury this dead-frog-in-sealed-water inquiry. This is a public food safety and health concern issue. The dissatisfied customer isn’t interested in private financial settlement; he demands a public investigation and full disclosure.

The Nigerian public will not hesitate to launch a social media campaign to boycott CWay Water until they act responsibly. Do join in the quest to expose CWay Drinking Water Sciences and Technology’s cover-up by joining the #BoycottCway campaign on social media. Do you have other public food safety and health issues concerning food products? Now is the time to talk. Don’t hesitate to share; don’t hesitate to safeguard the health of other Nigerians. Let’s share and reveal public health issues affecting Nigerians. Be part of the #AffectNigeria public health campaign. You might be saving the life of your loved ones and friends by speaking against these public safety cover-ups by big multinationals like CWay Drinking Water Sciences and Technology.

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