Funny Things People Do Inside Lagos Danfo Buses

Danfo buses have been epping Lagosians since time immemorial; in fact, they have become part of the city’s identities. The Yellow Buses, as officially called, remain the major mode of transportation within the city. Even when government introduced the luxurious blue and red buses hoping they will face off these danfo buses many Lagosians still prefer the traditionaldanfo buses to these tush buses. It’s more than an addiction to us. Life on board Danfo buses is another life on its own!

There are things people do constantly while on board these Danfo buses, and we have decided to bring you some of them. So next time you are on board, take note of them.

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1 The loud Callers

Some people don’t know how to use the cell phone I tell you. If you are not so fortunate to board the same danfo with any of them, you have seriously entered it. They are at the top of their voice, shouting into the cell phone as if the person they are talking to is around. It is even annoying if you don’t understand their language. This attitude is common among certain tribe in the country, but we won’t mention it so that they won’t say we are tribalistic.

2 The Messers?

This is very common inside danfo. Suddenly the bomb is detonated and everybody is suspecting the other person. It is even terrible if it happened inside a congested danfo stuck in traffic. It could be deadly! The suspect is always that guy that is not well dressed, but in most cases, it is that tush lady that released the bomb and throw-way face. There is God o!


3 The Jonahs

Some people have found comfort and happiness sleeping inside danfo buses. It’s like these people’s day will never be fulfilled if they have not done the Jonah’s job. The moment they are on board, is like they have landed on a well laid water bed and they sleep off.

Some people even sleep to the extent of snoring loudly. What about those that sleep and saliva oozes freely from their mouth? Well, we know Lagos is tiring so sometimes we can’t cheat nature. Everybody is guilty of this, even Aliko Dangote and Mike Adenuga, when they were still hustlers in the streets. They told me.

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4 The loud crooners

Another set of people you see inside danfo buses are the ones who plugged earpiece in their ears and croon loudly to the song they alone are listening to. Since their ears are blocked, they are not likely to be aware that they are crooning loudly. If you are nice, you tap them to realization, but if you are nicer, you just leave them to their enjoyment. Life is short abeg.


Written by Rose Oladejo


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