3 Jobs You Should Never Make Careers

A job is something one does to earn gain or gain experience.A career is a long term pursuit of life long ambition.From these definitions it is safe to say that job is a sprint while career is a marathon.

Let us look at some of the jobs one should not take for a career. My criteria for choosing these jobs are:

-Job security
-Career growth
-Ability to transfer the skills acquired on these jobs to other sectors.

(1) BANKING:Years ago this profession would not have made this list, sadly things have changed.

Most bankers in Nigeria are contract staff, there is no promotion for a contract staff in the banking sector no matter how hard you work or dedicated you are to your job, even the core staff get promoted after 4/5 year at one level.

Secondly, you can be asked to go anytime so any day you log in you work for that day bearing in mind that your sign on can be disabled anytime.

Ever wondered why most bankers move from one bank to the other? Well apart from the myth of getting promotion faster, an average banker does not have special skills (especially technical skills) which could be transferred to other sectors.

Lastly, in banking the higher you climb(for the core staff) the less relevant you become.This is why most banks fire mid management staff and recruit someone younger and less expensive.

(2) TEACHING(PRIVATE SCHOOLS):This is a job one could do immediately after NYSC to keep ‘body and soul’ together. Salaries of some private schools are lower than the NYSC allowee. Some may argue that some private schools pay good salary.That is true,but they are few and far between.

Some schools do not have corporate structure let alone employment letter.The proprietor may even sack you verbally. One can also ‘resign’ by telling the owner through phone.

CUSTOMER CARE (NETWORK PROVIDERS).Tales of how these customer care staff are treated by their employers abound, they are poorly paid.There is also an unconfirmed story I heard that the health implications of answering calls regularly are enormous.

Disclaimer: This piece was not written to discourage people that are doing the aforementioned jobs nor those who intend to start.However,if you want to quit it is better you have another job before quitting.


Source Nairaland

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