Video: Ghanaian Pastor beats church members for engaging in sin

A new video which is circulating online shows the Ghanaian Pastor fondly called “Angel of God” whipping the two young members with a leather belt during a church service which was televised live on his OBTV.

The incident was said to have happened on Wednesday August 17, 2016.

The crime of the two said to be around 20 years and 18 were that, they engaged in sexual relations which resulted in a pregnancy and secretly terminated it using a ‘crude’ method.

In the video, many of his followers in the church, including his musician wife, Florence Obinim were seen laughing as Obinim whipped the duo for their “sins”.

He claimed his “angels” exposed the amorous relationship between the two to him and that instead of concentrating on learning a trade, they were rather having sex.

Whilst whipping and abusing them verbally, he said the young man was a student and the girl in question was learning a trade and therefore would not be able to cater a child and wondered why they should be having sex.

The girl in an attempt to escape the beatings sought refuge from Florence Obinim who was sitting on the dais but Obinim’s ‘apostles’ pulled her off and whipped her the more.

Obinim who at a point looked tired asked his apostles to continue with the beatings.

Watch a video of the incident below

Obinim explains reasons for his actions

Explaining, a spokesperson of the church, Mr Osei Oppong Brenya said the two were adopted children of Bishop Obinim and confirmed the incident indeed did happen in church on Wednesday.

He said the youngman was known as Illiasu, a student whilst the young lady was Gyasiwaa, who was learning to become a beautician [make-up artiste].

He said during ‘prophesy time’ in church on Wednesday, Bishop Obinim called the two and said God had revealed to him that Illiasu had impregnated Gyasiwaa and they have terminated the pregnancy, an act he sees as wrong and should not be entertained.

“As a father, when your child do something wrong, what you have to do is to discipline the child, so he went ahead to discipline them to serve as a deterrent to others who want to engage in such acts,” Mr Brenya said.

He said the video which was circulating online was rather being used to malign Bishop Obinim.

According to him, Bishop Obinim was the one who was catering for the upkeep of the two, including their schools fees and that even some of their external family members were also being housed and catered for by the Bishop.

He said as a man of God, he would therefore not tolerate acts such as terminating a pregnancy and therefore disagreed with assertions that what he did was unlawful.

He said as a father, punishing your children could be in different forms and that Bishop Obinim chose what he deemed appropriate for him.

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