Stuck in Suleja? 5 ways to occupy your time

Largely regarded as Abuja’s younger, smaller, less glamorous sister due to its close proximity to the city, Suleja is one of the Major cities in Niger state, Nigeria. A planned visit to the city usually offers marvelous times, but in the case where a visit is impromptu or a short visit is stretched and you find yourself stuck? How do you occupy your time and keep things interesting?

The great thing about Suleja is that there is so much to see and do, in the city. Also, there is something for everyone even if you are on a budget. For further guidance,Jumia Travel, Africa’s No.1 online hotel booking site shares a list of 5 ways to occupy your time in Suleja.


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Visit the Ladi-Kwali Pottery Centre

Some of the most extraordinary pieces of pottery in the country are displayed at the Ladi Kwali Pottery Centre, a prestigious centre established by Michael Cardew in 1950. A good way to utilize time in Suleja would be paying a visit to this center and not only appreciating the art but discovering more of Suleja’s history. Although visitors are charged for purchases, entry is for free and encouraged.

Go Rock Climbing

Are you fit and not averse to adventure? A good way to keep yourself occupied would be rock climbing. There are a number of rocks located around the city, but most prominent is the Zuma Rock. Featured on the 100 naira bill, the rock is an aesthetic monolith, 725 feet from ground level. It is bound to be an exhilarating experience for the adventure seeker.


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Organize an authentic cooking lesson from a local

A good way to occupy your time would be in the kitchen with a local. Like most cities in Nigeria, Lokoja has certain cuisines that are indigenous to its environs and the recipes to most of these meals are only known to locals. A perfect way to occupy your time would be to invite or even pay a local to tutor you on how to make one of these local meals. Not only would it be a great experience, it would add to your culinary knowledge and prowess.

Bag a bargain at Babangida Market

One of the most visited markets in the city, a trip to the market is the perfect way to meet the locals and purchase great souvenirs for friends and family back at home. Almost every item sold in the market is affordable and you can actually haggle for a lower price.


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Stop by a local pub for a very happy hour

The city may not be as large or as developed as Abuja, but its inhabitants love their happy hour. A number of bars and drinking joints are scattered in Suleja’s local neighbourhoods including Madalla, Kwmaba, Garan, Bwari, Bono and Tafa. The local brews are great, however, a variety of drinks and beers are also offered.

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