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On M-Net, in the biographical movie, Everest, BAFTA winner Jake Gyllenhaal and a strong cast will make you live the terror experienced by a climbing expedition who felt the true power of Mt. Everest. It airs on Sunday, 21 August at 7:05pm.

I Speak for the Dead premieres on ID Xtra from Friday, 19 August at 8pm. They say everybody has a story to tell. Graham Hetrick’s job is to listen. The son of an undertaker, Graham grew up in a funeral home. For him, being around dead bodies is a normal part of life. For the last 25 years, Graham has been the coroner of Dauphin County, Pennsylvania. He handles close to 700 suspicious deaths each year. ‘I Speak for the Dead’ chronicles some of his most mysterious and disturbing homicide cases. While detectives search for clues among the living, Graham uncovers the secrets of the dead.

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#Blacklove:  Today’s successful modern black women have groomed themselves to have it all, beauty, intelligence and thriving careers. There’s just one thing that they want more than anything which often eludes them, love. In this series, we follow five aspirational African-American women who are all at various stages in their romantic relationships. Throughout each episode, our embedded workshop experts will provide commentary about what each woman is doing, right and wrong. With comment from men on the street, can these women win at love? Fridays from 19 August at 7pm


Botched By Nature:  ‘Botched by Nature’ follows surgeons Dr Nassif and Dr Dubrow on their journey around the country as they help people who have been disfigured due to genetics or traumatic experiences. In each episode, they get to know their patient, and develop an understanding of the physical and psychological scope of the situation, before inviting the patient to Los Angeles to undergo the ultimate cosmetic transformation. Fridays from 19 August at 8pm

Botched: Post Op: The surgeons continue to fix the unfixable in ‘Botched: Post-Op’, hosted along with Terry’s wife and star of ‘The Real Housewives of Orange County’ Heather Dubrow. Go behind the scenes of ‘Botched’ and take a closer look at the patients’ lives and their interaction with the surgeons. In each episode, the hosts will also discuss the latest episode of Botched, with each co-host offering their own unique perspective. Plus, ‘Botched’ patients such as Tiffany ‘New York’ Pollard and The Shannon twins are invited to share their experiences. Fridays from 19 August at 8:55pm

Discovery Family

Hello World!: Take a walk on the wild side with a brand new family-friendly series from some of today’s hottest recording artists. Hello World! is a six-part series taking a look at the wonders of the natural world through the eyes of some of today’s most celebrated musicians. The series brings out the universal themes of the artists’ music by using it as a soundtrack for the stories of animals in the wild. From polar bears seeking a mate to the strains of Ellie Goulding, to the resilience of sea turtle sound-tracked by Usher, wildlife has never looked – or sounded – so good. From Wednesday 17 August at 2pm

Outrageous Acts of Psych: Brand new series takes unsuspecting people on the street, in offices, at colleges, in restaurants and at public places everywhere and unwittingly gets them to take part in hilarious hidden-camera stunts that look like practical jokes, but are in fact social science experiments. The series looks at the hilarious psychology behind situations including strangers lying to save a man’s marriage, a taste test gone terribly wrong, and an outrageous VIP laundromat experience. The resulting scenarios are analysed by a rotating cast of experts who help viewers understand why humans behave in the funny ways that they do. From Friday 19 August at 7pm.

Disney Channel

Hank Zipzer: Hank Zipzer struggles with school because of his dyslexia, but that doesn’t stop him and his friends from going on various adventures and escapades!  Join Hank Zipzer and friends for more adventures as season two launches on Disney Channel with premiere episodes on weekdays from Monday 1 August at 2:15pm

Miraculous Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir: When evil threatens their city, two teens, Marinette and Adrien, transform into the superheroes Ladybug and Cat Noir! Catch premiere episodes of Miraculous Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir on weekdays from 15 August at 3:35pm

Zee World

Sacred Ties: This month on Sacred Ties, Savita asks Manav to prove his love for her by leaving Archana. Ajit gives Rasika money to spend but the problem is that it’s company money and not his own. Savita calls Rasika to invite her to a party but she instead invites Sunanda. Manav tells the officials about Varsha’s past mistake and that makes them relook the adaption application. Tune in every Monday to Friday at 7pm

Love…Look what you made me do: Love is an intriguing and strange feeling. When cupid strikes, it brings with it the feeling of happiness, pain, envy, greed, lust and sin. We have all loved and lost, we have all been hurt, we have all moved on… There are some however, who do not believe in moving on, there are some who do not give up, there are some who will do anything for love. Tune in and discover true stories of love, happy endings and more every Sunday at 6pm

The Urban Cook: Life in a big city unravels at a frenetic pace and cooking becomes a tedious task. You can order out, but doing so regularly takes a toll on both your health and pocket. Join Chef Saby on the Urban Cook, who understands the snags of fast-paced life, brings you a range of recipes designed to suit your lifestyle. Catch him every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 4pm

Cartoon Network

Lego Nexo Knigts: Your (nexo) knights in shining armour are back! The NEXO Knights are now an efficient monster-fighting unit, but even so, they need to upgrade their equipment and NEXO powers to keep up with the evolving threat. Watch as dark secrets from the past start to reveal themselves in the deep memory of holographic wizard Merlok 2.0. Things slowly become unclear… who the real enemy master mind is. Is it Jestro, or the Book of Monsters? Tune-in every Monday to Friday at 3:55pm


Henry Danger: Don’t miss this special crossover episode where Henry Danger and super hero family the Thundermans unite to save one of their own. Captain Man, Kid Danger and Phoebe Thunderman covertly gain access to a secret villain meeting and are surprised when they find Phoebe’s brother, Max Thunderman in attendance! In this awesome hour-long episode titled “Danger and Thunder”, Henry and co unite to bring Max back from the dark side. Tune in on Monday 15 August at 6:10pm

Nick Jr

Bubble Guppies: What will our colourful fishy friends be getting up to this time and what will they teach us along the way? Mr Grouper has loads more intriguing stories to tell, the Guppies will discover hidden talents and Nonny will find even more silly snacks in his lunchbox. We can’t wait to sing, laugh and play along with the curious Guppies as they explore their underwater world. Tune in Fridays from 19 August at 2:05pm

Paw Patrol Road Safety: Our courageous canines, Chase, Marshall, Rocky, Zuma, Rubble and Skye, are always ready to lend a hand (or should we say paw) when Ryder calls on them. In this special Road Safety Stunt the pups are on the move putting out fires (sometimes literally) as they go. They find themselves testing their special skills and abilities at a festival, helping out sea turtles, saving a train, restoring light and saving a host of creatures that range from penguins and beavers to a friend of theirs, and even a ghost. Tune in on Sundays at 21 August at 16:10pm


If Only I were you: Fabiola tells Connie that Leonardo is going to marry Fernanda and Humberto wants her to be there. Eugenio tries to tell Tania that he isn’t a rapist. Fernanda and Leonardo are getting ready for the wedding. Elmer brings up Pedro’s loss of memory with Sara. Leonardo debates his future. Renata wants Pedro to go back into therapy after his memory shows signs of fading. Eugenio broadcasts a radio message to the dismay of Justino. Tune in weekdays at 3:20pm

A passion for revenge: Isadora is questioned by police, but Arturo remains her captive. Veronica is taken, but manages to escape before stumbling onto Isadora’s cabin. Emilio offers Isadora a ticket to Monaco so she can disappear. Everyone is searching for Arturo and Veronica, before they find the burned cabin. Sofia finds Veronica and Arturo. Isadora has a makeover so she can leave the country and hide out. Arturo and Veronica begin to recover. Tune in weekdays at 5pm

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