10 Reasons Why You Should Grab an Apple Cider

Move over, Beer, Wine and Spirits.

Cider is now the fastest-growing alcoholic drink category worldwide, thanks to its relatively healthier benefits.

Here are 10 reasons why you’re better off having an Apple Cider, particularly Strongbow Apple Ciders.


  1. It’s all about the A-word…

A is for Antioxidants. Apple Ciders are made from fresh apples, and apples as we all know, are packed with antioxidants. These are chemicals that shore up the body’s defenses against heart disease, cancer and several health conditions brought on by aging.

Apple ciders tend to have more antioxidants than a corresponding amount of white wine or green tea. Best of all, the Institute of Food Research, Norwich, in a separate study showed that by drinking apple ciders, “antioxidants are rapidly absorbed into the blood stream, enhancing the health benefit.”


  1. No added sugars (in Strongbow at least)

Team Fit fam stay with me. Granted, various Cider brands have varying amounts of sugars but there are others, like Strongbow, which have no added sweeteners, reducing the over-all sugar content in your drink. Strongbow also falls into the category of “dryer,” crisp ciders, which are fermented in such a way they turn out with less sweetness (sugar). So though it is always best to get your sugars from health food rather than liquids, you can of course rest easy knowing there are no added sweetening agents in Strongbow.



  1. Because it has low sodium

Many of our organs can benefit from a lower sodium diet, including kidneys, the heart, and science shows a link between sodium intake and blood pressure. Small wonder more people turn to apple ciders for that low-sodium, occasional treat. Others will also use apple cider to even cook, in a bid to add flavours to low-sodium meals, desserts and snacks.

Strongbow Gold Apple Cider has low sodium, and the 33cl bottle has less than 20 calories. How’s that for Fit fam?



  1. You’ll likely not get drunk (as fast)

On the days you decide to go all out, remember that #DrinkResponsibly is not just a hashtag. You will be better off starting with a Cider, particularly if it is an event where your boss, your crush or potential spouse does not wish to see you standing on some table, reciting all the songs from Sound of Music incoherently.

Ciders are also the perfect drink to wind down your drinking “clock” – the top Alcohol By Volume (ABV) content in ciders generally is around 8%, Strongbow apple ciders has just 4.5%, while other alcoholic drinks go far higher.

By switching from higher ABV drinks to Ciders, you will likely end the night or outing ensuring you stay within your alcohol tolerance limit. A win-win situation, so you do not wake up the next morning to see viral videos of yourself with the hashtag #WhoseUncleIsThis or #WhoseAuntyIsThis

Strongbow apple gold

Strongbow apple gold


  1. You’d be truly #BuyingNigerian

The only Cider not imported into Nigeria is Strongbow Apple Ciders. So, by buying and drinking a bottle of Strongbow, you would be contributing your bit to the national economy. This Cider is the only indigenously produced one; brewing and packaging in line with the highest standards in Nigerian Breweries and best practices in the global space. So, next time you get that therapeutic high that comes with the first, chilled sip of your favourite drink, if you’re having a Strongbow then be sure to also bask in that little extra feel-good vibe you get from being #ProudlyNigerian for #BuyingNigerian.



  1. It has a lot to do with the F-word

Flavours. As tasty as it is, Cider is also one of the most sociable drinks on the circuit – it mixes with a wide range of spirits and liquor and will remain a staple in the arsenal of savvy bar folk.



  1. Apple Cider is better, palate-wise

Still on tastes, if you are a new drinker, you are right to be afraid of Beer – because regardless of your gender, Beer is an acquired taste, while Spirits are not for every occasion. Only hardy, long-time drinkers know the enjoyment in glugging ice-cold Legend Stout with Onugbo soup. Because bitter Stout with Bitter-leaf soup is what Jay-Z is to Beyoncé – a match made in heaven.

So if this is not you? Have no fear; Strongbow Apple Ciders has the social drinker or newbie drinker covered, outings wise. Cider makes a great pairing with anything from fish dishes, (yes even catfish pepper soup), to finger foods like Samosas, Prawn crackers, and its light composition is perfect for preparing your palate for a fresh bite in between courses. Best of all? The fruitiness but low ABV means you will get a rush washing down some peppered Chicken or Suya with a cold Strongbow Cider after a hard day at work…or play.


8.You would be “selfie-proof”

Not sure why drinking (even in moderation) gets a bad rap but that is no reason to stop enjoying yourself. In this day when Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and all what else conspire to snitch on you, it is best you stick with an Apple Cider.

The Strongbow Apple Ciders bottle has no suspicious froth, is clear and therefore innocuous, meaning you can safely snap your selfies or let yourself get snapped without your street cred going down the drain in seconds. No one can say you have joined “bad gang,” or mistake you for an alcoholic. Apple Cider is a work-friendly-selfie, parent-friendly-selfies. Go ahead – pose away.


  1. It is pocket-friendly

To be honest we (me and my squad) had a collective eye-roll session where we first went “uhm, here comes another Cider.” But truth be told – Strongbow Cider is several notches away from the other brands imported into the shelves at supermarkets and it costs just 200 Naira.



  1. There’s a promo on ATM (means “at the moment,” Grandpa)

Now, like Vanessa Williams…I saved the best for last.

The only thing better than paying less for something that’s great quality is…not paying at all! So if pocket-friendly is still a bit of a challenge, then Strongbow Cider feels you, knows the struggle and has your (totally justified stingy) back. For at least until the end of 2016, Strongbow is giving out free drinks at key events around the country so be sure to look out for us when attending your events. So folks, grab your freebies now, while the offer lasts. Because there is no such thing as too much free Cider. Bottoms up!

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