Toddler narrowly escapes being crushed by careless driver

It was a close shave with death for a two years old toddler as he narrowly escaped being crushed by a car who broke into into a store.
The boy, identified only as Peng, 2, was being fed by his mother at the time when the vehicle driven by a 17-year-old girl suddenly ploughed into the building.

The driver – named as Li – was being taught by her boyfriend Wu how to drive when she lost control of the vehicle.

In a mobile phone recording of the footage taken from in Sanwei, South China, Peng and his mum can be seen inside the shop when the headlights of Li’s vehicle suddenly shine through the shop window.

The next moment the mum leaps out the way as the vehicle crashes into the shop, running over the boy and pinning him under the vehicle.

The car then reverses back over the boy, out of the shop and drives off, with the boy emerging injured from under the car and being picked up by his grandma.

He appears alive and well in the CCTV footage – though this was unable to be confirmed.

Peng’s mum and grandma gave chase after Wu and Li who fled the scene, but reports said the pair were able to get away.The toddler was rushed to the Pengpai Memorial Hospital in Shanwei where he was diagnosed with serious, but non-life-threatening injuries.

Reports said Wu and Li, for whom police had issued a hit-and-run notice, turned themselves in about 36 hours later.

They are now being held by police and face charges for the hit-and-run as well as evading justice. Li is also expected to be charged for driving while under age and without a licence.





Source – SunUK

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