GOTV: WEEK 1: 01 – 07 AUGUST

Zee World
Silver Lining: This month on Silver Lining, Isha and Ira try to escape but are caught and have to face the consequences. Shyam feels guilty for leaving his children at the orphanage and goes in search of them. Devki tries to cause a rift between the two sisters by turning Ira against Isha. The children at the orphanage turn against Bhola and Isha has to choose whether to stand with them or against them. Tune in every Monday to Friday at 18:00 CAT.
King of Hearts: This month on King of Hearts, Roshini receives a notice to relocate the orphanage and goes to the Kuraka Company to confront them. Durga finds herself undermined in the business world and is determined to leave her mark. DD is out to play matchmaker between Roshni and Krish but it seems that her plans are not working out as Roshni realizes her feelings for Siddarth. Catch it every Monday to Friday at 21:00 CAT
Kiddies Treat: Kiddies Treats is a show designed for young mothers who are faced with the challenge with feeding their children interesting food that is both healthy and interesting. Chef and mother, Gurdeep Punj will lead you through simple recipes that are wholesome and easy to make at home. Besides everyday snacks and lunch-box meals. Tune in every Mon, Wed and Fri at 17h30 CAT
The Great Indian Kitchen: Join chef Ranveer Braar in The Great Indian Kitchen as he takes is an epic culinary journey across the seven Indian states. On his journey we will meet a variety of traditional chefs and enjoy recipes that have been carried across generations. The show highlights many hidden facets of Indian cuisine we are yet to discover. It’s time to hit the road and unravel the secrets hidden in traditional Indian kitchens. Tune in every Tuesday and Thursday at 21:00 CAT
NEW SHOW: All Roads Lead To Love: The strikingly beautiful Eva Soler has attained great success in life. Her outstanding resolve and values have led her to proposer in business, designing strategies and routes, something she began to do at a very young age when she accompanied her father, a truck driver, on the open road. Together with her husband she has managed to build the Mon-sol trucking empire, as well as a beautiful family. All was well until an unforgivable betrayal landed Eva behind bars. Tune every weekday from Monday 1 August at 17:10 CAT

If Only I Were You: Ines talks to Pedro about giving Elmer an opportunity. Ivonne tells Ignacio that she will tell the truth to Leonardo about him and Fernanda. Basilio tries to convince Pedro to conceal the truth for now. Meanwhile, Humberto gets upset with Nora because she questions his trust for Ignacio. Renata looks for Paloma to talk about Pedro, asking her to postpone the wedding. Fabiola refuses to be with Humberto, and Sara apologises to Ines. Tune in weekdays at 16:20 CAT.
A passion for revenge: Isadora continues her investigation into Julia Ortiz. Meanwhile, Samuel and Andrea share a passionate moment, but someone sees them. Isadora swears to her cousin that she will stop Arturo’s wedding. Miranda asks Veronica for forgiveness. Then, Arturo and Sofia come under fire. Leonardo tells Isadora that he will kill Arturo. Isadora’s men apprehend Arturo and tie him up. Meanwhile, Samuel and Andrea become intimate. Tune in weekdays at 18:00 CAT.
Jim Jam
Discover the Olympics: Learn the rules of the different Olympic sports through this great new show. Helped by our 2 animated friends, Cecile and Pepo, kids from 3 to 10 will watch the most popular Olympic sports and learn a little about the basic rules. Tune in every weekday this month at 13:50 CAT or 17:00 CAT
Playdate: Every kid believes their toys come to life when they’re not around and on Playdate they really do! Mac, Sammy, Priscilla and Buckie are the beloved stuffed animals of Jacob and his friends Enzo, Molly and Quinn. Each day, these seemingly normal toys sit on the side-lines watching the kids enjoy their playtime adventures. But when the kids are away, Mac, Sammy, Priscilla and Buckie get to play! They do their best to continue the kids’ fantastical adventures but usually end up causing some kind of mess or chaos. Tune in every weekday this month at 10:15 CAT or 17:45 CAT.
Harvey Beaks: Harvey is a sweet bird and a good son. He lives in a treehouse with his mom and dad, and loves his best friends, the rambunctious twins, Fee and Foo. In these brand new episodes of the show, which LA times describes as “sunny with a chance of bad behaviour”, these three musketeers get up to all sorts of mischief and adventure in the forest. With his wild friends, Harvey is learning how to branch out and live a little. Catch Harvey every weekday from Monday 1 August at 16:35 CAT
MTV Base
Love and Hip Hop Hollywood (season 2): Ride along with Nikki, Nia, Princess and the rest of their immaculately groomed frenemies as they strut, squabble and flaunt their way around Los Angeles. Relationships take centre stage this season as Nikki continues to date Lil Fizz, Nia deals with a cheating Soulja and Princess feeds her ongoing feud with Teairra, her beau’s former flame. Catch them every Wednesday from 10 August at 17:00 CAT.
Sony Channel

Badlands, Texas: Along the Mexican border sits the small, tight-knit community of Terlingua, Texas. Its residents have traded today’s modern comforts and conveniences for something money can’t buy: total freedom. Badlands is a true-crime docu-series that delves into the eccentric world of Terlingua as its citizens struggle to reconcile the killing of a dear friend and fight to hold the town together as it grapples with change. Lonely back roads, dilapidated RVs, smoky bars, the Rio Grande and the vast West Texas landscape all set the stage for this tale of murder, survival, justice and the need for redemption. Starts Thursday 04 August at 20:00 CAT.

The Amazing Race (Season 27): Eleven new teams begin the journey of a lifetime when “The Amazing Race” kicks off its 27th trip around the world.  Two lucky contestants will walk away with a cash prize of at least $1 million in the world’s most incredible reality adventure: The Amazing Race! Teams comprised of two people in an existing relationship (spouses, best friends, parent/child, siblings, etc.) embark upon a journey that takes them around the world, while having to perform mentally and physically challenging tasks. Starts Sunday 07 August at 19:35 CAT.

Sony Max

Hack My Life (S2): Kevin Pereira (“Attack of the Show”) and comic Brooke Van Poppelen explore the world of “life hacks”: procedures or actions that solve problems, simplify tasks or reduce frustrations. From opening a wine bottle with a shoe, eliminating pet hair on fabric with a squeegee and flip-flop, or using a sock to make a toilet seat more comfortable, the successful hacks are designed to be fun, inexpensive time-savers. Those that don’t live up to the hype are exposed, and undercover hacks challenge members of the public to overcome pitfalls. Starts Saturday 06 August at 20:00 CAT.

Discovery Family

Baby Animals: Arctic foxes, sea otters, tamarin monkeys and red pandas are just some of the tiniest, cutest creatures in brand new six-part series, Baby Animals. With their big eyes and their wobbly first steps, nature’s newbies are irresistible. Watch how animals nurture their young as infant elephants, baby bison and rambunctious rhinos all eat, sleep and play their way to adulthood. Cuddly, clumsy and full of mischief, the babies of the animal kingdom certainly make up the wildest day-care you’ve ever seen. From Monday 1 August at 20:00 CAT.

Mystery Hunters: There is an elite team on a mission for the truth, seeking answers to some of the greatest mysteries on earth and beyond. The mysteries can any subject that a kid has puzzled over or been spooked by, from lake monsters and mummies to aliens. Combining on-site reporting and crazy adventures, they get to the centre of the action. Adventures include dousing for gold in Alaska, stringing apples from trees to ferret out Florida’s “skunk ape,” climbing into a decades-old Bigfoot trap, riding in a submarine to a lake monster’s lair and unravelling a real, ancient, smelly mummy. From Monday 1 August at 15:50 CAT.

Disney Junior

Doc McStuffins: Kick-start your Saturday mornings with premieres of Doc McStuffins! Want to find out what happens when Doc and her family go on vacation or when all the toys assemble for the big McStuffins Derby? Then don’t forget to join Disney Junior on Saturday mornings to find out in brand new episodes of Doc McStuffins. Every Saturday in August at 08:10 CAT.

Miles from Tomorrow: Want another chance to catch up with your favourite space explorer? Then join Disney Junior for our special Miles from Tomorrow weekend. Join the Callistos on their space adventures by tuning in for a special 14 episode stack of Miles from Tomorrow split across Saturday and Sunday, starting with the Secrets of the Black Hole special.  From Saturday 6 August at 12:00 CAT.

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