Talented writer, Damilola Fasuba launches her book, “Once Upon A Time”

Damilola Fasuba, 20 years old young female writer has launched her maiden book titled, “Once Upon A Time”.

“Once Upon A Time” is a 16 chapter story book that centers on issues that happen in African societies that people talk about but no action is taken to correct them, such as gender inequality , domestic violence, child abuse, rape, discrimination, force marriage,  etc.

The book was launch on the 17th of July 2016 at Lydia hall Ikeja Berger road, Lagos.

According to the writer, Damilola Fasuba, she said she deliberate made the book handy and easy to read for everyone. She said:

“I believe it’s a book for everyone and I want people to get it and read it since it’s not really heavy. It’s part of my life story and I want people especially parents and young adults to learn from it.

“My book is really dear to me and in the nearest future I’ld love to do it into a movie for those that can’t read.”

Once Upon A Time only goes for N1000 per copy

Damilola can be reach via her Twitter handle is @damstar_ also I can be contacted through email – [email protected]

Pictures from the book launch:

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