Red Mist Films, is set out to release into Nigerian cinemas another internationally acclaimed movie “The Duel” starring popular Hollywood actors Liam Hemsworth, Woody Harrelson, Alice Braga, Emory, amongst others.

THE DUEL features Liam Hemsworth as a Texas Ranger who investigates a series of murders in a small town led by a charismatic preacher played by Woody Harrelson. However, the routine undercover investigation soon turns personal for the ranger who must solve the case before he loses everything to the mysterious town. The thrilling movie will be released in Nigerian cinemas nationwide on August 12, 2016.

The duel movie

The 110 minutes long thriller movie, is the debut feature film of talented writer, Matt Cook directed by Kieran Darcy- Smith and produced by David Hobberman, Todd Lieberman, Adam Rosenfelt and Maureen Meulen.

Red Mist Films acquires high-quality, talent driven films for mainstream African audiences.

The company aims to bring unique and universal stories that thrill the audience with promises to keep the flag running as it pushes frontiers to deliver the best of quality movies to Nigerian audiences.

 Watch the trailer of the movie, The Duel.

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