The Business of Short Films with Yomi Black

Yomi Black

Long before instagram existed and the rise of other social media platforms, a gentleman and his formidable team began to create content that would change the way we watch things. Gone are those days where we had to wait for our favourite TV programs to start, now, everything is at
our finger tips.

Those fingertips are now making monies for people who think ahead, people who use statistics to calculate where they choose to spend their money when it comes to either advertising and or marketing. In a world where you can see how many people actually clicked to view your videos or images, analytical investments are more calculated.

Yomi Black

Yomi Black

Lets go back to this gentleman we mentioned earlier, his brand was so intriguing we had to conduct our own findings and its not just our words, the figures on how he acquires his audiences attention is mind blowing.

In 2013, the viral video of the famous skit entitled – The Lagos Big Girls Game (as seen below) was number 3 on YouTube “rewind” as well as on the most watched video list in Nigeria.

The Lagos Big Girls Game

Other huge numbers and highlights under the Black Studios belt included product placement strategy execution for brands like Porsche, Car Ink, Nokia and in 2014 after which the studio was immediately drafted to create 56 whopping videos for Access Bank in 2015 which till
date is still the “most watched viral content” on the platform. These figures caught the eye of decision makers on which prompted a deal with Black Studios that generated 15 percent more traffic to the site.

Fast forward to 2016, one of the viral videos released by Black Studio’s camp included this special feature with Toyin Aimakhu, in this age of viewership tracking capabilities, this video has accrued over 770’000 views on various platforms.
These figures in viewership, product placement opportunities and other such related matters will assist any brand with matching target audiences to generate more “awareness” for their brands. Nowadays, the social media has indeed added an extra revenue angle to forward thinking creative

We had to get a statement from the Creative Director and Founder of Black Studios, Yomi Black, to obtain his views on Comedy as a whole and the impact of social media on his content creation. “Times have changed and consumers have a new way of consuming content, everything is now quick and fast and people are craving content on the go” says Yomi Black, that is why we will continue to find new ways to engage their mind through our series of short films”.

When asked about future plans for he studio and how the much talked about first film production from the Black Studios stable is going, he informed of that big things are in the pipeline for the film release in November. As for the industry, we will continue to watch and we will continue to crunch numbers.

” We will release our first film “Bandits” in November 2016″….says Yomi Black…

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