Disney set to release Gay children cartoons

Cartoons were believed to be safe for kids and parents saw nothing wrong in their children watching them all day; in fact it is believed that is what they are suppose to be watching.

Well, that has changed. Disney is set to release Cartoons which depicts popular prince characters as Gay. Yes, Gay.

They are preparing to release a series of full length Gay Cartoons soon.

Disney has announced that it will be producing its first animated feature film with two openly gay lead characters who will fall in love and, by the end of the film, even find happiness in a fairytale, same-sex wedding.

The entertainment giant has had a long history of supporting LGBT initiatives. In the late 90?s the company was among the first to extend healthcare benefits to partners of homosexual employees and Gay pride events have been hosted at Disney World since 1991.

As it stands, it is no longer safe for kids to watch Cartoons uncensored, except you want your boys to start practicing homosexuality.

How do you think Nigerian mothers should handle this?


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