Classic FM On Air Personality Sola “Schullzz” Mogaji launches ‘STAGE AND BOOTH’

Classic FM On Air Personality Schullzz is one half of a classy duo that have forayed into making our entertainment industry even better.

Carving a niche in the meteoric rise that is our entertainment industry today is not easy, but long time music guru and OAP Sola “Schullzz” Mogaji who is easily one of the hardest working women on and off air saw a huge gap in the industry and decided to fill it. Along with her long-time friend, Event Specialist and now Business Partner ‘Bonike Thomas –Ojo, they created ‘STAGE AND BOOTH’!.

Green rooms/VIP hospitality are not a new thing in the entertainment industry, but they decided to tweak it to its best form, now who better than Schullzz & ‘Bo who knows what it’s like to be on the receiving end of Green Rooms and VIP hospitality….

Stage and booth offer bespoke services like Green Rooms, Backstage & VIP Hospitality and Personal /Corporate Concierge and it is flawlessly delivered!

From the warmth of their hospitality in one of their Green Rooms which is designed to provide the tranquility and Zen that each performer needs to keep them poised and psyched to go on stage and wow their audience…  Being Back Stage with them during a Concert, Award Ceremony, Private Parties or Stage Play is an experience that stays with you until the next time.

Their Custom VIP Hospitality is simply what it says it is… the ambiance they create with their Customized VIP Zone has you totally immersed in Luxury and Comfort, with everything you could possibly want at your beck and call. They also take total control of your VIP space at  your private events and ensure you are in a perfectly tailored playground of your ‘Favourite Things’.

Average doesn’t exist with Stage and Booth ……“You” are the VIP!

Stage and Booth’s Personal and Corporate Concierge service gives you access to the world and manages your lifestyle so you can get on with other things.  From updates on the latest happenings to offering Night Club, Restaurant / Bar and Hotel Reservations and Exclusive Access to Movie Premieres, Private Dining, Best seat to Shows, Movies, Concerts and much more.  An Experience with them will leave you requesting for more….
Their Strapline ‘BEYOND THE SPECIFICS’ says it all.
Below are some of their Green Room & Hospitality Events

  • Naija FM Comedy Jam                                                                      – 2015
    • Lolo’s Oga Madam Live on Stage  at Muson Center                 – 2015
    • Beat FM Christmas Concert at Federal Palace Hotel               – 2015
    • Headies Nominess Concert at Landmark                                   – 2015
    • May Day Lauryn Hill Concert                                                        – 2015
    • Headies Music Awards at Landmark                                           – 2016
    • FunnyBone Untamed at Muson                                                    – 2016
    • Grillz 2 Grillz Auto Show at TBS                                                   – 2016

To Mention a few………

You can get to know us better on all our social media platforms:-


Telephone: 08069807780, 0802 505 9785
Instagram: @stageandbooth
Twitter: @stageandbooth
Facebook: Stageandbooth
Website: www.stageandbooth.com

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