All hail Saraki the Peace Maker

Just a few days after Senator Oluremi Tinubu petitioned the Senate President, Bukola Saraki and the APC National Chairman, Odigie Oyegun over the alleged treats on her life by Senator Dino Melaye. the whole dusts seemed to have calmed down, with the Senate President playing Umpire and peace maker on the matter.

Thumbs up, Senate President!

There are reports that the Senate president on Tuesday, July 19, met with both Tinubu and Melaye separately for a period of two hours each. It is believed that chief among the things he told them were for them to remember that they were all from the same party and should therefore stick together, in order not to create an avenue for the opposition to feed off the feud which was turning the party in general into a laughing stock.

Following this development, do not be surprised to see both parties in the next couple of days hugging and making up on camera to prove to the world that everything is over (isn’t this the way with politicians?)

However, you will agree with me that such feuds don’t die down easily. There is a possibility that even after they both play to the gallery and give us some political brouhaha, that deep down, they will nurse and brood their hatred and distaste for one another until an avenue to unleash it arises in future.

It was reported a few hours ago Senator Oluremi released a statement saying she no longer holds anything against Dino Melaye and has forgiven him, as a Christian.

She said: ““I met with the Senate leadership yesterday (Tuesday) after one week; I met with him (Senate President Bukola Saraki) yesterday. And as a Christian, I said I had already forgiven him (Melaye) for even with the way I was treated. But the point is that what people don’t realise is that I am a very reserved person.”

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