Interview: It’s challenging being a female artiste in the industry – Yemi Alade

Award winning songstress, Yemi Alade, who was recently named brand ambassador for the social digital wallet, Nairabox had an interview with KFB, where she talks about the new deal, her controversial N2.5million dress to the BET awards and more.

She also spoke about her new album, “Mama Africa“, why she made it Afrocentric and all.

Read below:
You were recently made Nairabox Ambassador, how do you feel about it?
I’m happy. Being a Nairabox Ambassador doesn’t hurt anybody, so why would I say no. It’s a cool trend. I like to be part of trend setting people, so that’s one of the reasons I accepted the deal.

As an Ambassador of that brand, what should your fans expect from you?
I’m part of Nairabox and there’s an interesting part of it that connects with my music.
Nairabox users get to know about and listen to some of my new songs before any other people.

Yemi Alade has been endorsed by made brands, does it often get to you, making you feel it’s becoming too much work?
No oh! It doesn’t! It’s better to have so much to do than to be idle. And you know one can’t get endorsed by two similar brands as same time. If after one or two years, your contract expires, then perhaps a competitive brand would want to take over.

What are you doing at the moment?
Well, i’m still pushing my last album, Mama Africa. And I have dropped like four videos off the album. I have done a videos for Africa, Koffi, Nagode, Ferrari.
Besides that, i’m working on more videos to come out very soon.


Your last album was more of Afrocentric, what prompted that decision?
Yes! That was the focus. After all, the title is Mama Africa. It had to be Afrocentric.

Nigeria music industry is majorly dominated by the male artistes, and only few females are at the top, does that put pressure on you?
The pressure is there because I have to keep up with what my male counterparts are doing. It’s also tough and challenging because in African the women are always looked down upon. So there’s a lot of physical and psychological issues that we tackle as an African female artiste, whether you are A’ List or Z list. Well, I have chosen to on God’s list.

What’s Yemi Alade’s staying power?
It’s definitely God all the way; day in, day out. And also the team that doesn’t sleep. Shout out to Effizy music group. Then the passion, because money can’t buy passion.


Would we say the passion for music brought you this far, or just because you started with Peak talent show?
Talent is given by God by Peak talent show is definitely the right step in the right direction. It was my first professional step physically.

How do you feel attending BET awards for years, back to back, yet you haven’t won any of the trophies?
BET is a big award ceremony and African categories had just 6. We all know that in Nigeria alone, we have over 15 popular artistes that are doing well- both male and female.
Then in the whole Africa, I was picked amongst the first 6 in three different categories- year after year.
Which means that i’m doing something very good. I didn’t come back dry. I was next to Beyonce and her likes.

Did you really buy that gown you wore to BET for N2.5M?
(laughs) Do you want to buy it from me? Well, you can check it out yourself. Check the designer out. You don’t need to hear from me to confirm it. Just go online and see things for yourself.

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