5 Tricks to Get Cheap Flights in this Current Economic Condition

Most budding travellers have shelved their plans for leisure or business trips because of the current economic situation in Nigeria which has seen a significant rise in airfares both on local and international routes. The fact is there are some who cannot do without flying due to their work. So, whether you are arranging for a future trip or planning for a last-minute getaway, you can take advantage of these booking tricks to help get cheap flights. Jumia Travel, Africa’s No 1 hotel booking portal shows you don’t have to break the bank before you travel.

Don’t buy round-trip tickets if you can

To reduce stress, travellers prefer to buy round-trip tickets from the same airline rather than purchasing it from different airlines. But, if you are travelling on a budget and factoring in the increase in flight cost, you should buy your round-trip tickets from separate airlines. The rule of thumb should be to search for the cheapest flight both ways.

Bargain your hotel stay

Travel agencies also offer auxiliary services like hotel, and airport pickups. The cost of these services, if you want them, will be added to your bill. The next time you are booking your flights alongside a hotel, you should not hesitate to negotiate your hotels. This simple negotiation can help you save cash.

Delete your browser’s cookies

For travellers who book their flights online, they should always delete their browser’s history. This is because booking websites deploy browser cookies that watch the shopping pattern visitors. As a result, you notice that the price may increase whenever you refresh the page. To stop this indiscriminate hike, you should clear your cookies and browse in private mode.

Mobile device can influence search results

The mobile phone you use can influence your search results by offering you costlier options. Whether you are using android, Blackberry or Apple phones, you should always filter your search results by price. This will give you the best search results. You can call your booking agency to buy your ticket (s).

Avoid buying tickets in bulk

Tickets bought in bulk can be expensive. You can purchase the ones you need now. The smart way to avoid buying it in bulk is to check the difference between bulk and individual tickets.

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