GOtv Weekly Highlights


WEEK 3: 18 – 24 JULY
Zee World
The Great Indian Kitchen: The Great Indian Kitchen is an epic culinary journey across the seven Indian states. On this journey we will meet a variety of traditional chefs and enjoy recipes that have been carried across generations. The show highlights many hidden facets of Indian cuisine we are yet to discover. It’s time to hit the road and unravel the secrets hidden in traditional Indian kitchens. 19 July 17:30 CAT

Breadwinners: Don’t miss SwaySway and Buhdeuce as they hatch mischievous plans to have as much fun as they can while delivering bread across town. In these all-new episodes the duck duo creates the rarest bread around, Wolf Head Bread, they enter their pet, Jelly, in the local frog show and Buhdeuce’s plan to clone himself doesn’t quite work out as planned! If you can think it, these two will do it. Follow the bread boys on their latest crazy adventure. Tune in every Monday from 18 July at 15:45 CAT

If Only I Were You: Elmer asks Ignacio about everything he knows about Leonardo. Fernanda is talking to Daniela about giving her brother the news about the surgery. Connie invites Eugenio and Tania to the inauguration of her house. Eugenio receives a call telling him that something happened to Justino. Fernanda asks Leonardo for some time, saying that they will get married later. Daniela tells Renata she likes Pedro, but there are complications. Tune in weekdays at 16:20 CAT.
Under The Same Sky: Santiago gives Juanita an incredible surprise. Rudolfo humiliates Maria in front of their children, and Carlos comforts Adela. Luis informs Rodrigo that their father has disappeared. Sharon reveals her emotions to Nick. Meanwhile, Rudolfo is severely depressed. Carlos begs Felicia to let him go, telling her that Colmillo doesn’t love Anita. Rudolfo seeks forgiveness and Felicia makes an escape. Tune in on weekdays at 17:10 CAT

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