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This calm, collected and cool DJ Jimmy Jatt

DJ Jimmy Jatt is a household name when it comes to anything DJing and Turn Tables; he is one of the pioneers in Nigeria to catch the Hip Hop bug that swept through America and Europe in the 80s and early 90s.

Jimmy Jatt is to DJing as Ali Baba is to Comedy, OJB to Music Production (God bless his soul), Pete Edochie to Nollywood, King Sunny Ade to music, and Anthony Enahoro to politics.

I may have exaggerated a little with Enahoro but I know you get the picture.

Every DJ in the Nigerian Entertainment Industry today and even artistes alike who have been on ground long enough are always full of respect, praise and acknowledgement for the King of DJing in Nigeria.

He knows his impact in the industry for sure, and this I believe inspired his logo (as shown on all his trademark Face Caps, album covers and laptop shin) Yes, it is the acronym ‘DJJJ’ which stands for ‘Disc Jockey Jimmy Jatt’ and a golden crown on top; the man is a king and he knows it.

DJ Jimmy Jatt often introduces himself as ‘the cool DJ Jimmy Jatt’, and again he is right, he is calm, collected and cool.

It was a Wednesday, venue was somewhere in Lekki Phase One, occasion was a Video Log shoot for an event planner, a friend of the celebrity DJ Jimmy.

About an hour in, the cool DJ drove in and his actions surprised me. He greeted and shook every hand from the security to camera men, back room staff, everyone. He didn’t just ‘wave’ or give ‘thumbs up’ like some of our ‘people’ and this was very touching.

His humility humbled me and in him I saw someone who has been there and done that but still had regard for his fellow man. As he sat there in a quiet corner tapping on his smartphone, I began to recall, has this guy been involved in any scandal associated with super stars?

Do you recall any scandal that DJ Jimmy Jatt was involved in? I love the way this guy has been able to keep his personal life and business out of the media.

Thumbs up our dear cool DJ Jimmy Jatt, you have a fan in me.

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