Buhari, this change wan tire us o

Everyone is talking about the economy; yeah, it is not just you. The economy this, the economy that… Hmm, it has not been easy lately, one must confess.

Yes, it hasn’t always been easy but now it seems it has gotten worse or should I say more difficult than it used to be.

When you hear those born during the pre-colonial days making statements like ‘we have never had it this bad’, you just can’t help but say ‘why now?’

The thought of the fact that things are not going as should be sends a chill down my spine, even a child in the womb feels the hardship. They know it is not life as usual.

Truth be told, I will have no issues with what is going on and our passage through this wilderness if I can see a clear picture of where we are heading to.

If we have no defined destination, then I am afraid we may all be suffering in vain. This is my greatest fear yet.

The Israelites as recorded in the Bible could survive all the hardships of the wilderness because they knew they were going to a better place and there were constant signs to prove to them that they were on the right track.

If the looting in Nigeria has truly stopped and culprits from the last generation have turned a new leaf and returning monies back into the Country’s treasury in exchange for amnesty, why then are we still suffering.

I don’t know if you feel it, but there is grave suffering in the land. All is not well!

I agree that the international price for crude oil has dropped and thus our national income has been affected, but haven’t the pump price for petrol in Nigeria being increased from to 145 Naira per Litre, a small bottle of Kerosene from 70 Naira to 250 Naira, Gas from 2,000 Naira for the 12.5Kg Cylinder to 3,500 Naira and it goes on and on to Electricity tariff and so on.

If the deficit has been transferred directly on the masses, why then are we not seeing any improvement? Why should we suffer from both ends?

I, for one thought that this would be a period of plenty to prove to Nigerians that we have been used all these years by our pasted leaders.

I want the best for myself, family, friends and country Nigeria; I hope we are on the right track? I just want to make common sense. #smiles

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