Our Celebrities are Irresponsible

No, it wasn’t me…It was Ayo Thompson.

Ayo Thompson is an anchor, on air personality at Cool TV and 99.3 Nigeria Info FM. Speaking recently to Pulse News, bared her mind on the ‘baby mama’ syndrome currently flooding the Nigerian Industry.

You will agree that the Baby mama trend is fast becoming a norm in the country with Burna boy the latest culprit.

She said, “It’s really sad, it’s a pet peeve. I feel like a lot of celebrities are becoming more irresponsible, am sorry to say that but it’s true. Maybe in the past they’ve been more careful or we didn’t have social media and didn’t know. But now it seems like its a fast ticket to getting a man or a guy want to soar his wild oats. I believe that celebrities should be more responsible. I fear for the next generation because i have a feeling that we are going to have a lot of children with multiple siblings. I hope w will not get to that situation where we are trying to fix our nation because the family life has been rubbished.

Speaking on her ideal type of man, “I like a man who is confident, charistmatic, a man who can hold his own. He comes into the room and people are like who is that? Not just the look but the way he carries himself. I am also very attracted to men who are considerate. Men who are genuinely kind.

“I don’t really like men who take selfies. Not who takes selfies but who are addicted to selfies. I don’t want to start mentioning names but you know yourselves.

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