Ronaldo pampers himself with a new Bugatti

Cristiano Ronaldo has continued to pamper himself for achieving so much in the year in question which saw him lift both the UEFA Champions league and the Euro 2016 Cup. Now, he has decided to add a new ‘toy’ to his garaage which already boasts of the finest engines ever produced in recent times; he just shared videos of his newly acquired 2.5 million euros Bugatti.

The 31-year-old showed off his new purchase on social media and, despite not being able to enjoy it just yet, Ronaldo shared his happiness for having receive his new toy.

“The animal has come,” he said.

Very few units of the Bugatti in question have been produced and were only available upon request, so it’s likely Ronaldo had been waiting weeks to receive the car.

The cost of the vehicle goes far beyond the sale price. Some specialised websites did the breakdown of what the final cost to the Real Madrid star will be:

Car Price (without tax): 1,600,000 million

VAT (35.75%), 700,000 euros

Vehicle Registration  Tax in Madrid: 230,000 euros

Set of tires: 27,000 euros

Tire change **: 60,000 euros

Changing tires ***: 108,000 euros

Annual review: 27,000 euros

Oil Change: 18,000 euros

*The normal VAT tax amount added for a luxury car with higher CO2 emissions

** Tires can only be removed from the rims in France

*** Three sets of tires are recommended

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