What’s African about Ridiculousness Africa?

I’m a TV addict. I watch a lot of shows especially on DSTV, and it was with great expectation that I sat down to watch Ridiculousness Africa which debuted last night on MTV Base Africa (Channel 322). I was disappointed.
Ridiculousness is an American comedy clip show featuring internet videos that have gone viral, accompanied by a mock commentary.
Ridiculousness Africa is supposed to be the African version of the original show, so I was looking forward to authentic, hilarious African content. To my surprise, it’s simply the American version copied and pasted for us. The videos on the show are of white people. The show does not have anything related to Africans.
I’m very concerned. Why can’t we have our African videos on the show? We are not dumb. We can curate content that caters to us. Otherwise, what’s the point of an African version?
I will certainly be following #RidiculousnessAF. I hope these first episodes are simply warm-ups to get the audience acquainted with what the show is about before getting into the Ridiculousness Africa proper.
Otherwise, it would be simply ridiculous.

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