Someone is using Faithia Balogun’s Social Media handle to Fraud people

Faithia Balogun has issued a scam alert to her fans to be wary of imposters using her brand to extort unsuspecting victims on social media.

The actress who was recently named as one of 2016 most influential Deltans took to her Instagram page to inform her fans about the complaints she had been receiving from victims as she announced her official social media handles.

She wrote, ‘my dear fans, I’ve received complaints countless times concerning impersonators and scammers using my name and brand to extort unsuspecting individuals on social media platforms. This has been going on for a long time and I’m using this medium to appeal to you; there is only one authentic Facebook account operated by me – the picture is above and that is ‘Faithia Balogun’ which I opened recently. I apologize to my fans who have been duped by these scoundrels. I love you all and don’t want any of you to fall victim anymore. You can also follow my official Instagram; @FaithiaWilliamsBalogun, my Twitter; @FaithiaWBalogun. Love always.

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