Did you just say Falz will win a Grammy?


There is no doubt that Falz, the Bahd (Brilliant and highly distinct) Guy knows his onions when it comes to the entertainment industry.

When he started his career a few years ago, not many regarded him and you won’t blame them, he isn’t the first guy on the block trying to be funny. In fact many believed he won’t last because according to them, he was not serious enough to handle the pressure in the Industry.

Yeah, I know, they were all wrong!

The thing was that Falz came into the industry at a time when all the artists were stepping up their game and taking speaking classes just to polish their lingual and speak like the Americans or Britons; yet this dude who was trained as a Legal practitioner in the UK and son to one of Nigeria’s fines Lawyers and human rights activists in Femi Falana, decided to take it local and bring it home.

Can you see the Irony???

Who says Falz cannot win a Grammy in future? I dare to ask?

Without disrespect to anyone, Falz was the only one who could bring home a BET award in the just concluded BET Awards Ceremony held in USA. Can you see the picture yet?

I think we need to take this Bahd Guy more seriously, because he is on a mission and he is setting a standard, you have to watch out for him!

When it happens, please remember to say ‘That olorisupergal.com blog said it oooo’

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