Stephanie Coker on “My Beer Experience”

Last week’s Beer Symposium held in Lagos demystified a lot about the beverage. Speaking at the event were captains of industries, politicians and entertainment celebrities. They all spoke about what they know about beer and their personal experience with it.
Perhaps the most shocking was that of presenter, Stephanie Coker. According to her, her parents had pleaded with her before going to school abroad not to hang out with bad friends and she should remember the children of whom she is. So she however found out that drinking beer with friends was a social activity without any negative connotation.
“Going for fresher’s night out with my two new acquaintances in tow, we rushed to the university bar. Upon arrival, we were bedazzled with a selection of cocktails, liquors, and beers. After rustling in our pockets all we had between us was five pounds, the bartender said we could get a pint each, as novices we didn’t realise we had ordered three beers. Laughing at our tasty mistake we spoke about our chosen subjects, boys, and apprehensions and of course shopping. What I took from this experience is that I shared my first beer with people I now call friends.”
She also relayed her experience when she moved back to Nigeria and everyone thought as a UK returnee she wouldn’t want to drink the local beer.
“Back in Nigeria I went to a bar with a cousin. We ordered our pepper soup and my cousin ordered a can of beer and to my surprise asked me if I wanted wine or champagne. I was dumbfounded: Who sells wine at a beer parlour? Obviously she was being sarcastic, but I was actually offended. I was once again being judged by my accent, even by family background. She could see I didn’t find it funny and asked the waiter to “serve beer round”’
Others who spoke about their beer experience were former governor, Donald Duke, Prof. Bart Okolo, Managing Director of Nigerian Breweries Plc, Mr. Nicolaas Vervelde, Advertiser legend, Ted Mukoro amongst others.


As reported by Hazeez Balogun

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