The teeth plays an important role in the way we smile, oh yes they do! The greatest smiles are those that reveal the teeth (did you just experiment that?) Well, even if you are one of the few who smile without ‘showing-off’ their cavity, your teeth still plays a vital role in providing a frame for that beautiful ‘close-lipped’ smile. Yeah, there you go.

Where this bus is driving us therefore is to a point that reveals the importance of our teeth to our smiles. We must pay adequate attention to our teeth which in turn helps to improve our smile. SMILE FOR THE CAMERA!

Below are some everyday habits we should imbibe to improve our teeth…and smile.

  1. Floss your teeth regularly. Flossing should be done regularly after meals and 100 percent floss with 0 percent wax is encouraged.
  2. Soak your tooth brush in a cap-full of hydrogen peroxide at least once a week. This helps to kill the bacteria which accumulate on the tooth brush. Yes, many times when you pick up your tooth brush to clean your mouth, you are actually heaping in accumulated bacteria.
  3. Do not use regular ‘Fluoride’ toothpaste. Yes, this may surprise you but it is very true. Fluoride is considered poisonous and not intended for human use. Rather you can make homemade tooth-wash which you can achieve by mixing six parts of baking soda to one part of kitchen salt. Mix in a blender for 30 sec. and place in a container for use.
  4. Limit your wine, coffee and tea intake. Drinks like coffee, tea and Red wine are known for staining teeth; apart from staining the outer teeth which we can often brush off when done in time, it could also cause internal staining of the tooth enamel. Don’t worry, you can still have your entire wonderful beverage and wine, drinking through a straw is however advised.
  5. Use dental approved tooth brushes that have been specially formulated to suite the structure of the dental cavity. Avoid using brushes that are too hard or too soft.
  6. When brushing, start from behind the teeth. When done with washing those areas, rinse your mouth and brush dry, before washing the outer part. Then rinse your mouth and brush before washing the entire mouth again.
  7. Brush twice daily, first thing after you wake and last thing before sleep; because plaque can harden into tartar, frequent brushing helps teeth to stay whiter and healthier.
  8. Limit your daily snack time. Yes, reduce your snack intake, it damages your teeth.
  9. Drink plenty of water. Water is the healthiest drink for your smile and body. It helps flush teeth clean and discourages tooth decay.
  10. Last but not least, smile and exhale occasionally. Studies have revealed that closing our mouth for a long period of time causes bad breath and provides a suitable environment for bacteria to breed.

Paying attention to these everyday habits will not only improve our teeth, but also our smile and confidence! Have a great ‘SMILE’ day!

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