Femi Adesina under fire again! See why

According to Femi Adesina, things are getting better as only few Nigerians are complaining of the hardship in the country.
According to Saturday Sun reports that he has therefore urged those complaining to be patient with the present administration as it is making efforts to correct the wrongs of the past.
Adesina who is the Special Adviser on Media and Publicity, to President Muhammadu Buhari said this when he featured on a phone-in programme on Raypower 100.5FM in Abuja.
Adesina said living in the midst of the people and feeling their pulse regularly, those working in government can conclude that those critising Buhari were in the minority.
“Yes, you need to give me the statistics of those complaining.
“We (government officials) are in the midst of the people and we can feel the pulse of the people. I maintain that the people who are complaining are in the minority. I can tell you that the support base of this government is still enormous. Yes, we know some people are complaining but, they are still in the minority.”
The presidential spokesman reiterated that in 18-months, Nigerians will begin to feel the impact of government’s efforts to revamp the economy.
Adesina further stressed that the waste that characterised the past administration is responsible for the nation’s current problems.
“To every action, there is a reaction. To every action, there is a consequence. Before the present administration, crude oil is sold for as high as $140 per barrel. Where is that money?
“We do not know what that money was used for. It was wasted, it went into private pockets and now we are seeing the consequences.
“The people have to be patient, the economy is being retooled and it will surely be. The President has said it that in 18 months, the economy will begin to be retooled. Why can’t they wait 18 months to two years?” he asked.
But, Femi’s statement has received wide condemnation from the people who lambasted him for being blind to the realities of today. Some said that because he is living in affluence, he is now blind to the suffering which the masses are experiencing.
“1 paint of Garri now 500 from 300, Fuel from #85 to #145, Dollar from #220 to #355+, Kerosine na die. 10kg gas from 2500/2700 to N3700. I guess is only few Nigerians that are buying fuel at #145 and dollar at 350+ while the majority according to bubu’s govt are buying at #85 and #199. Abeg how can I join this majority of Nigerians that are not experiencing this high cost of living? Make una send me the form biko nu.” an angry Nigerian said on Nairaland.
Another person said: “I think it might be time to relieve this guy of his appointment. Even Buhari accepted that Nigerians are suffering and encouraged them to be patient. MOST Nigerians are going through a rough patch right now.”
Another added: “Mr President, Please don’t listen to those sycophants around you. Majority of Nigerians can hardly feed three times a day. Businesses are not doing well, prices of commodities have all gone up by over 50%, the cost of transportation is alarming, in fact life is generally difficult for Nigerians all over right now undecided. Whoever said that minorities are complaining do not mean well for your administration. We are patient and hoping for a better day ahead. Please don’t make us angry with senseless statements. Peace”
Someone else said: “Adeshina is a foolish sycophant, Seriously. Just look at what a supposed educated man is saying. The hardship in the country now is unprecedented, People now steal and trade their children just to feed. Shame on Adeshina.”
Another man said: “Femi is unwise. It is ego that is preventing many people from voicing out their problems because it is quite difficult for a man to criticise a system which he helped to install, hence the suffering and smiling behaviour. But the FG must know that there is always a limit of suffering the masses can endure.”

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