P-Square: New released video shows that Peter lied!

A video has just surfaced showing that Peter lied of his awareness of involvement in the show booked for his brother using the P-Square brand. Yes, he lied! But why?

P-Square, made up of the Okoye brothers, Peter, Paul and their manager, Jude needs to get their acts together before it is too late. The much publicized split in the group came as a surprise to both fans and indeed the entire public.

As if that was not enough, this morning, Peter (of P-Square) took to Instagram to inform the public that he would be taking legal actions against his brothers for using the P-Square brand to book and publicize a show in Congo without informing him.

While the news was still brooding and reactions pouring in, a video was released a few hours ago showing that Peter actually lied of his non-involvement or awareness of the concert. In fact, the video showed that he had taken part in promoting the concert. It appears something fresh must have arisen which made him change his mind about attending; but does that mean he should lie about his awareness?

Watch the Video below.

Yes, can you imagine that?

Well, I leave the rest to you. Let’s hear your thoughts please.

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