Video: Beauty Content – ” How to maintain healthy skin in a new enviorment – Three factors” – Lola OJ

Some of you may know that I am currently in Bwari, Abuja for law school, Nigerian bar one! That is truly what inspired this vlog!
Ever moved to a new place or visited a new environment and your skin just doesn’t agree? Well, Lord knows it has happened to me a number of times, so for that reason I am rather skeptical.
I am quite particular when it comes to skin care routines , as we all know how hard it is to develop one that works! And because I have sensitive skin I have to be very careful, I travel with many face towels, i even use bottled water to wash my face when I am unsure about the water.
Although, skin reactions cannot always be avoided their are some factors that can be considered, and reduce the likeliness of your skin reacting negatively to a new environment.
I couldn’t cover all factors in one vlog but I touched on the below factors and tips on how to adjust.
  1. Water
  2. Diet
  3. Air pollution
Although I am a beauty and skin care enthusiast, I am not a qualified dermatologist so I did consult Dr Vivian Oputa, to ensure I was giving out relevant information!
I do hope it helps!
Thank you!

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