Niger State spends N150m on Govt. House Maintenance weekly

Did you know that Niger State (which is on record to be one of the poorest states in the country) officially spends N150m on Government house expenses weekly?

Easy…..the Governor just revealed that he will slash it down to N20m.

In a recent meeting with stakeholders in the state, he said:

“Nigeria in general and Niger State in particular is facing serious economic challenges as a result of fall in oil price at the international market and the security challenges in the Niger Delta. Niger State like many other states of Nigeria depends on federal allocation, which has reduced drastically since the beginning of this administration.”

“These challenges call for sacrifice from all of us from me as governor to the messenger in the state. Already, this administration has reduced spending in government House from over N150 million weekly to N20 million.”

“ We have to provide basic amenities in line with the cardinal priority of the administration.”

It will be recalled that the Governor had a few months back raised alarm over his inability to pay the workers in the state. The Government could only pay 50% of the salaries last month and this has raised a wild uproar from civil servants in the state.

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