Mother of Dhaka terror victim ‘broken’

Tulika Jain, mother of 19-year-old Tarishi Jain, who was killed in the Dhaka terror attack was inconsolable at her funeral yesterday and couldn’t get a hold of herself.

She was quoted as saying the following and reports claim she is broken and may never recover from the shock.

“Don’t call her a martyr, she wanted to live” the devastated woman wailed, her head on her daughter’s casket “I wont be strong. I don’t want to be strong. Why did they kill my daughter? I need a reason why she was killed. Is life so cheap?


Mother and Daughter


“She was killed because she was Indian. Tell everyone the truth, the truth is that she was killed because she was an Indian. Why my Taru? She was a good girl. What did we do wrong that my Taru had to die like this?” Tulika asked. “Don’t call her a martyr, she wanted to live. I was just some distance away when my Taru was being hunted down. Why didn’t I do something?



“I don’t know anything, why is she dead, tell me? Should she be dead? She was just at a bakery doing what teens do. She had gone to Dhaka on a holiday and she wanted to do so much good for the people there. How was she an enemy for the terrorists?” she kept asking those who surrounded her at the Gurgaon community centre where Tarishi’s body was brought after being flown in from Dhaka.



“Everything will be all right. Mamaji, you are a doctor, do something. I know medicines can perform miracles. I know she will get up, mamaji get her to me. Get her to me please,” she pleaded, holding the hands of an elderly man who, too, began to cry.

Her voice hoarse from hours of crying, Tulika broke down when the time came to dress up her daughter’s body.

“This is too loose, she won’t like it. Get it off her. It’s unsmart, she won’t wear it,”


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