Twitter Shuts Down Niger Delta Avengers’ Account

After weeks of destroying oil and gas facilities in the Niger Delta and almost incapacitating oil firms and broadcasting same report on social media, the Niger Delta Avengers have finally been muzzled on social media.

The latest development was discovered by Nigerians who tried to check out the group’s recent activities, only to be notified that the account has been suspended, and this comes a day after the group sent out details of their latest conquests which allegedly includes the destruction of NNPC facilities in Warri.

To many Nigerians on Twitter, this step should have been taken a long time ago. However, there are fears that the group would open a new account.


How does this stop their activities in the creeks,” Instagram user @iambook said, adding, “If I’m not mistaken, the same Twitter also closed the accounts belonging to ISIS and still, many more were created.”

Will they open another account? And will twitter shutting down their account have any effect on their activities in the Niger Delta region? This remains to be seen.

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