GOtv Weekly Highlights: WEEK 1: 01 – 10 JULY


Zee World
Krishi: The story of Krishi is of a woman who rises from modest beginnings to a successful career. Krishi Raj dreams of becoming a block development officer, her financial status however makes it difficult for her to afford a decent education. Her father and family have sacrificed to make sure that Krishi receives the education necessary to achieve her goal. Watch the captivating and uplifting story of Krishi and how she goes beyond all expectations to follow her dreams. Tune in 1 July at 22:00 CAT
If Only I Were You: Ines asks Yesenia to stop working because she seems really tired. Paloma and Leonardo go to see the house Paloma is buying for her and Cachito. Ignacio hits Elmer and asks him to tell him how he murdered Armando. Jonathan tells his mother that he is in love with a woman. Leonardo begins to recall some early memories. Nora tells Connie about her encounter with Humberto, and Leonardo asks Fernanda if she’ll let him stay. Tune in every weekday at 16:20 CAT
Under The Same Sky: Erik makes a proposition to Adela, as she bargains for her life. Meanwhile, Carlos opens up the crucial DNA test results – but is it good news? Carlos implores Felicia to come toher senses. Adela reveals her intentions to Carlos, with an emotional ending. There’s a shootout at the airport as the police arrive on the scene. Colmillo and Jay make their escape, as news reaches Paulina and Jacobo. Tune in every weekday at 17.10 CAT
Famously Single: Fame and fortune may come with a lot of privileges – but the guarantee of a successful dating life isn’t one of them. In this brand new series, E! uncovers the fascinating romantic lives of eight Hollywood celebrities, who are forced to live together in a Los Angeles loft. Follow the celebs as they go through a series of group exercises, one-on-one sessions and real dates and get an intimate look at the stars’ emotional journeys as they challenge each other and learn how to find love. Continues on Tuesdays at 21:00 CAT.

Sony Channel
Drop Dead Diva (S6): All will finally be revealed in the final season of the critically-acclaimed series Drop Dead Diva! Drop Dead Diva centres on a beautiful-but-vapid model wannabe Deb, who after dying in a car accident, is reincarnated in the body of Jane Bingum (Elliott), a brilliant, thoughtful and overweight attorney.  Jane has always lived in the shadow of her more comely colleagues, whereas Deb has always relied on her external beauty. Now, by a twist of fate and a bolt of divine intervention, Deb must come to terms with inhabiting Jane’s plus-size frame in the ultimate showdown between brains and beauty. Starts Monday 04 July at 15:15 CAT.

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation (S14): CSI: Crime Scene Investigation is the ground-breaking drama about a team of forensic investigators trained to solve criminal cases by scouring the crime scene, collecting irrefutable evidence and finding the missing pieces that solve the mystery. The series has made DNA a household term to millions of fans in over 170 countries who learned the importance of blood, saliva and skin as evidence and how those elements help solve crimes.  Catch Double bill episodes from Tuesday 7 July at 20:00 CAT.
Sony Max
Animals Unleashed:  Animals Unleashed features the most unpredictable and hilarious animal clips from around the world. From the wild to the living room, each episode showcases animals at their most surprising, mischievous and outrageous! Each action-packed episode features the very best animal clips available, packaged into related segments, features, or even games, all with highly-entertaining narration. Whether it’s a panda picking a fight with a businessman, a dog mowing the lawn, an angry ostrich eating a reporters bowtie, a cat pushing another cat into the pool, or a parrot nipping the nose of a man who mocked its voice, this is a fun, and very funny look at animals unleashed! Starts Monday 04 July at 17:00 CAT.

What Went Down: What Went Down is a fast-paced, exciting clip show for anyone who loves sports and people falling down – hard!  Each week, WWD digs up some of the most epic fails, jaw-dropping wins and everything in between. The result is equal parts amazing and irreverent. Each week host Pete Sepenuk presents videos featuring ordinary people from across the world. Every episode also highlights some special clips with questions for the audience such as, “Is this person going to “Win or Fail?” and, “What’s About to Go Down?” WWD is surprising, fun and entertaining – bringing viewers the most epic fails and epic wins from around the globe. From Thursday 7 July at 18:00 CAT.
MTV Base
Love & Hip Hop Atlanta ( Season 4) : The turbulent lives of Joseline, Rasheeda, Mimi and Karlie make for compulsive viewing in the fourth season of Love & Hip Hop’s highest-rated spin-off. Whether they’re snuggling up to their partners or hurling plates across a restaurant, these ladies bring new meaning to the phrase “all or nothing”. Catch them every Thursday at 17:00 CAT and the repeat at 21:00 CAT.
Shimmer and Shine: Go on a magic carpet ride with genie sisters, Shimmer and Shine, and their BFF human friend, Leah. In these all-new episodes, the genies try their best to make Leah’s life easier but some of the wishes they grant go awry. It is non-stop action as the trio picks up the pieces and tries hiding the magic from Zac, Leah’s neighbour. Don’t miss this charming animated series, which has just been renewed for a second season. Tune in every Thursday from 7 July at 19:35 CAT

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