Yeni Kuti wants to give marriage second trial… sets to marry new lover

Eldest daughter of the Afrobeat legend, Yeni Kuti, has come out to say that she is considering a second time plunge into matrimony, at 55. The celebrity show host and former dancer has been with her partner, Theo Lawson, for nine years and admitted that she is considering another try at matrimony.

“Yes, we have already fixed a date,” said Yeni. “20 years from now. If we are still alive, we will send the IV out. Saturday, May 24, 2036, if we are alive. I am serious. We discussed it yesterday.”

The lovely mother of a grown daughter received a marriage proposal from her long term partner on her 55th birthday. She earlier explained that the marriage proposal was a call for greater commitment from her partner, not necessarily a marriage proposal, even as the ring she received from him was not really an engagement ring per se.

“The ring my partner gave me is what they call ‘a commitment ring’,” she said.

“He gave me his mother’s wedding ring as a commitment to the relationship. We have been together for about nine years. When I met him, he used to wear the ring around his neck, so for me, it is a big deal.”

YK, as she is fondly known, also explained that they were not planning a wedding or anything as such, but rather that what she got from her man was actually something very precious to him. “He has entrusted me with something very close to his heart. It is not like we are going to start doing wedding and all that, even though we are really committed to each other.”

Concluding her statement, YK posited that Theo was not only the man for her, but her last. She concluded. “I call him ‘my last bus stop’. If God gives us long life and says there should be another man in my life, he is the man for me and I believe I am the woman for him as well.”

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