Is the Koko Master finally hooked?

If the reports provided by Stelladimokokorkus blog are anything to go by, then the koko master, Dbanj got married yesterday after secretly signing a marriage registry with an American, who has both Nigerian and South African roots.

Dbanj has always said he would not have an elaborate wedding, but rather, would hold a small secret affair where only family and closed friends would be invited.

The report claims that the singer reportedly invited his father and twenty-five other guests to the registry. It was so discreet that the group thought they were invited for a birthday party.

Could it be that the koko master kept to his words? You will notice that there has been some great maturity and secrecy around the koko master lately, no disrespect intended.

However, there is no smoke without fire and it is only a matter of time before we get to the root of this matter.

Trust us to bring you latest updates on this news when anything comes up.


More details soon


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