The story of Aisha Buhari

I can imagine the level of anger that must have enveloped the usually very calm and extremely beautiful wife of our favorite President, Aisha Buhari. She must have just been about to sip her lovely evening green tea when her attention would have been drawn to the statement made by my dear friend from Ekiti. She looked at the write up, dropped the tea and immediately walked straight to the office of her darling who was at that time still very busy trying to understand what was happening with his Vice President who seemed to be growing more gray hairs these days. His Excellency was really not in the mood to listen to this latest distraction from the clown of Ekiti and as such asked his beautiful First Lady to just ignore.

She would however not have any of it, this was one provocation too much. This Amala eating and stew-loving person must be taught a lesson. He can not just continue to libel everybody all in the name of opposition politics. What exactly did madam do to warrant such an unprovoked attack from the Lord of Ekiti. Why would he drag her into this wahala, but why? So after carefully deciding what she needed to do, she locked herself in her room, charged her phone to the fullest not wanting the battery to die as she was sending her message through Twitter. She carefully looked at the phone, pointed it towards Ekiti making sure the message did not mistakenly go some where else, Googled the Ekiti henchman not even knowing what he looked like and his bald dark face came up and with a hiss, she fired the missiles. Kai, a ‘mad d……g…….’ and as she sent the message,she began to feel the relief that comes with the satisfaction of finally having your own say. The message not only got to Ekiti it landed and exploded all over the land and the effect left the Lord of Ekiti with a hunchback and tones of regret for trying to look for trouble in wrong places. Seriously, I personally think dragging the name of the First Lady into whatever is the problem between the Ekiti overlord and his many enemies is kinda low. I will not fight my Neighbour and start abusing his wife at the same time. I will face my adversary and give as good as it gets instead of trying to distract everybody by bringing in a spouse especially one as beautiful as madam. So let me declare it here that the enemy of the First Lady is my enemy and from today onward any weapon sharpened and aimed at the First Lady will fail. Madam, do not worry, I have the cure for rabbies.


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