Jollof Debacle; Oluwaseun, Phoebe, Ruqayat and others saved from eviction on Knorr Taste Quest 4

Many Nigerians would agree that Jollof rice is perhaps one of the easiest meals to prepare, but among those contesting for the Seasoned One on Knorr Taste Quest 4, easy has become an understatement.

And so it happened that contestants of the Knorr Taste Quest 4 were given 3 tomatoes only, beef, Rosemary, Blueband margarine, Rice and Melon to make Jollof rice in 30 minutes. True, it sounds very simple but the routes they took in their execution almost marked the end of the journey for some of the contestants.

Moronfolu got an “okay” feedback from Dr. Robert and Chef Fregs because of his tough steaks, while Rukayat, could have had a pass, “but” having to scoop her rice out of the pot because of time constraint, and according to the judges, even plating could not save her Jollof rice, which was described as: “A meal that shouldn’t be touched.”

In all, Damilola emerged the best for the day. His right mix of ingredients and Knorr Seasoning cubes got him an excellent meal which earned him commendations and N20,000 shopping voucher from Shoprite. Navih took the second best for the day, although his rice was too spicy, his steaks were commended. And though Johnson, Hirhyel, Emmanuel, Gbenga, Phoebe, Rukayat, Moronfolu and Oluwaseun had various things wrong with their dishes, they got saved from eviction by the unanimous decision of the judges.

As it is, Jollof rice may not be as easy as it seems even as the quest for the Seasoned One on Knorr Taste Quest 4 continues. Catch all the action on the below stations:

AIT Network Sun 5pm – 6pm
Africa magic Family Sat 7pm 8pm
WAP TV Sun 8pm – 9pm
Rave TV Sun 8pm – 9pm
NTA Network Sun 6pm – 7pm
Silverbird TV Sat 8pm – 9pm
TVC Sat 8pm – 9pm
ONTV Sun 7pm 8pm
Delta TV Warri (DBS) Sat 7pm 8pm
Broad Corp. Oyo State TV(BCOS TV) Sat 12pm – 1pm
Anambra B’asting Serv TV(ABS TV) Sat 3pm – 4pm
Crossriver State Broad.corp.(CRBC) Sun 5pm – 6pm
Rivers State TV(RSTV) Sat 12pm – 1pm

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