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#BETAWARDS2016 Beyonce’s Dancers declare WAR on the RED CARPET

Ladies and Gentlemen, Beyonce is in somewhere around the Microsoft Theatre for another mind blowing performance (as usual). The ‘Drunk in Love’ Diva is unarguable the most talented, creative and energetic female artiste of this generation, and she never disappoints.

Just a few minutes ago, Beyonce’s Dancers ‘Marched’ on the Red Carpet as they walked in a strict army formation that caught the attenntion of everyone and will please their General and Commander in Chief – Beyonce, who we all know pays attention to the smallest details.

With such an introduction, there is no doubt that we are in for a hell of a performance tonight from Beyonce.



What is the “Who run the World” Queen going to surprise us with tonight???

The formation dancers are set!

Beyonce is set!

The stage is set!

We are set!

Are you?


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