Kanye West’s Video “FAMOUS”: Too Far or simply Brilliant?

Have you seen the new Kanye West’s video titled “FAMOUS”??? If yes, what were your thoughts? Do you think he went too far or it was just crazily brilliant in a good way? The video has sparked a lot of controversies since its release last night and many more are pouring in.

Everyone had a different view and the comments were so interesting to go by as I kept smiling at my computer screen, reading through. One angle that caught my attention the most however was that of leading Nigerian Magazine Today’s Woman (TW).

TW Magazine on their Twitter and Instagram handles made posts earlier in the day containing a screen grab from the video and a caption which read “Have you seen Kanye West’s new Video? Why are the ladies EXPOSED and the men all COVERED UP?”. #Smiles

This is raising a lot of comments and contributions from fans who were before the post paralleled between “Too Far” and “Brilliant”  opinion lines.

However, Chris Brown seemed to have put a touch in the dark too early and may have as well killed the whole attention the video was generating with his revelation which many believed came too quick.

Chris Brown has responded to his inclusion in the provocative new music video “Famous.” In the controversial video, Brown is seen laying naked between Rihanna and Taylor Swift on a large bed full of other nude celebrities, including West, Donald Trump and Kim Kardashian.

“Why I gotta have the plumbers butt/ crack showing WAX figure?” Brown wrote on Instagram today. “This n—a KANYE CRAZY, talented, but crazy.”

Yes, that is it!  All of the celebrities are entirely lifelike but synthetic bodies. IT WASN’T REAL!!!

Kanye got you, didn’t he????


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