#BETAWARD16: Yemi Alade Hints on New Project, H.O.T

Yemi Alade has been nominated for the third consecutive year in the Best International African Act category of  BET AWARD. In this interview with OSG, the official media partner of the BET AWARD, Yemi Alade could not hold her joy at being appreciated, not only in Nigeria but globally. She also hinted on her new project, a fashion clothing line called HOT.

Read the interview below

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How did you feel when you got the information about your nomination for the Best International African Act category of the BET Awards?

I think this is like my third time back-to-back being nominated for Best International Act Africa. It means the world is watching me and my works are being appreciated.; so, I am thankful.

What are your expectations of the award night?

Well, it’s my first time on the BET, I didn’t make it last year. I am here to experience the B.E.T Experience

Who else on the nomination list in your category, aside from you, would be your favourite to win, and why?

That is a tough question. Well, I will like ME to win it (Giggles)

What new projects/music should we be expecting next from you?

Well, a lot of things are in the pipeline. In few days as an ambassador of Africa fashion week London and Nigeria, I intend to unvail my fashion clothing line called HOT.

What would you like to tell your fans all over the world?

I will like to say even when I don’t get to see all of them physically, I feel encouraged always by their love. Thanks so much.


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