Barr Kenneth Imansuagbon: Edo APC scientifically rigged our Gov. Primaries

According to Clifford Ndujihe, Barr Kenneth Imansuagbon, who contested in last weekend’s governorship primaries of the APC, is insisting on a fresh vote affirming that the last primary was scientifically rigged to favour Mr. Godwin Obaseki.

Noting that the exercise was not free and fair and could hurt the APC if not redressed, Imansuagbon who has lodged an appeal with the Opeyemi Bamidele led election appeal committee said: “There must be a forensic examination of the ballot papers. That is the only thing I can accept,” he said, arguing: “The election was not free and fair as people are being made to believe. It was scientifically and electronically manipulated.

Watermark technology was used to manipulate the election. You will not see it during the day. You will only see evaporated ink that will vanish in two minutes. “One should ask why despite the fact that accreditation finished around 2 pm, voting was delayed till around 7 pm.

Under the floodlight, they had allocated the votes to Obaseki. We had heard that he was going about saying he was going to win with over 1600 votes, but I considered it a mere rumour, that the margin of victory for anyone who would win should not be more than 20 – 30. Even if Oshiomhole himself ran, he could not have polled that much in an election that has the deputy governor, who also controls the party structure, contesting.

Imansuangbon said talks about post-primary reconciliation  is an exercise in futility as the only option is for the party to reverse the governorship primary or test the popularity of other aspirants at the general election.” “We are praying them to cancel the election and do a fresh primary.

If they don’t do it, we will take our protest to the court of the people. When Anenih rigged me out in the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, I told him he would lose, and the party lost. So, the Bamidele committee should cancel the election on the grounds of immorality.”

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